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ReleaSys CR - Miller-Stephenson's Next-Generation Concrete Release Agent

2023-03-08 22:30:02  Blog

ReleaSys CR, Miller-Stephenson’s next-generation concrete release agent is 100% Solvent and VOC free. It provides consistent, superior release on standard and complex mold configurations.

Whether it's for the most demanding projects, or just the everyday project you need to finish on time, a high-performance concrete release agent is an essential tool in the stamped concrete contractor's kit. A well-developed and properly used release agent can enhance a concrete surface's visual appearance by allowing the stamping tools to release more readily, while helping prevent damage to stamping mats and skins.

A good release agent can also help improve the imprint quality of a stamped concrete job by acting as a bond breaker to keep the stamping mats from sticking to the surface and disrupting the pattern texture. It can also impart a subtle color accent, whether it's an integral or dry-shake color, that can create an antiquing effect on the finished project.

The most common type of concrete release agent is powdered, which can be broadcast across a concrete slab before stamping. It can be applied using a tampico brush, which helps to apply the release evenly while preventing clumping.

When working with powdered release, it is important to only broadcast the release on a few rows of concrete ahead of the areas you want to be stamped. This is especially true when working with windy conditions, as any loose release could blow away from the concrete, causing a hazard.

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