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The factors that influence the raw materials of foam concrete and the best way to ensure the quality of it

2023-10-12 09:06:42  Blog

Foam concrete is a kind of lightweight, multi-functional, environment-friendly heat preservation and energy-saving material. Foaming agent, cement, fly ash, foam stabilizing agent and other additives are the main materials of foam concrete.


What affects the high quality of the raw materials for concrete foam?

  • Performance and quality of materials

Raw materials of foam concrete include cement, foaming agent, admixtures, etc. The quality and performance of these raw materials directly affect the quality of foam concrete. For example, the strength, stability and durability of cement, the foaming power, stability and storage period of foaming agent, and the workability and activity of admixtures will affect the quality of foam concrete.

  • Material ratio and production process

The raw material ratio and production process of foam concrete are also important factors affecting its quality. Reasonable selection and strict control of production process parameters such as the proportion of different raw materials, foaming time and pouring pressure can ensure that foam concrete has good performance and stability.


  • Grain size and uniformity of raw materials

Grain size and uniformity of raw materials will also affect the quality of foam concrete. Too small or too large particle size, as well as uneven particle size distribution, may cause the strength, density and stability of foam concrete to decline.

  • Water content and temperature of raw materials

Water content and temperature are also factors that affect the quality of foam concrete raw materials. High water content will lead to instability of bubbles in foam concrete, thus affecting its performance. Too high temperature will lead to unstable performance of raw materials, thus affecting the quality of foam concrete.

How to control the quality of foam concrete raw materials


In order to control the quality of raw materials for foam concrete, measures should be taken from the following aspects:

  • Choose suitable raw materials

Choosing high-quality foaming agent, cement, admixtures and other raw materials is the major premise to ensure the quality of foam concrete. When selecting raw materials, reasonable selection and testing should be carried out according to engineering needs to ensure that the strength, stability, durability, and other aspects of the raw materials meet the requirements.

  • Improve production processes

Production technology is one of the key factors affecting the quality of foam concrete. In the production process, the raw material feeding ratio, foaming time, pouring pressure and other parameters should be strictly controlled to ensure that the density, strength, stability and other indicators of the produced foam concrete meet the design requirements.

  • Strengthen the inspection and storage of raw materials

Strict inspection should be conducted on the purchased raw materials to ensure that the quality of the purchased raw materials meets the requirements. All raw materials entering the factory must have quality inspection reports, laboratory test reports for cement and active admixtures, and qualification certificates for admixtures. At the same time, measures such as moisture-proof, sun protection, and fire prevention should be taken for the storage of raw materials to avoid problems such as moisture and deterioration.


If possible, the activity of cement and active admixtures should be tested to obtain the activity index. All raw materials, especially cement, admixtures, foaming agents, and foaming agents, cannot be used as ingredients in the event of failure or decreased activity. Especially cement and other cementitious materials, if there are clumps or clumps, they must not be used again. Some people sieve out the clumped cement and continue to use it. This is very wrong because it can easily lead to mold collapse and a decrease in product strength. If used, only 1% new cement can be replaced at a time.

After three months of storage (in bags), the activity of cement decreases and it is not allowed to be used. After half a year of storage of hydrogen peroxide, a foaming test should be conducted. If the foaming performance decreases, it should not be used.

In addition, fly ash shall not be used for wet ash discharge. If used, it should be dried and ground. Do not use the original wet ash discharge. On the other hand, ingredient water should be tested for no side effects before use and can only be used when there are no side effects. Wherever possible, trace components of water should be tested and at least the pH value should be determined.


To sum up, controlling the quality of foam concrete raw materials is an important part of ensuring the quality of construction projects. In practical application, comprehensive control should be carried out from the aspects of selecting appropriate raw materials, improving production technology, strengthening the inspection and storage of raw materials, etc. to ensure that the quality of foam concrete reaches the best level. Only in this way can we provide safe and reliable guarantees for construction projects and promote the sustainable development of the construction industry.


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