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The pouring method of foam concrete wall

2022-08-04 17:00:48  Blog

The pouring method of foam concrete wall can be divided into three types: detachable mold pouring, non-detaching mold pouring, and sandwich wall pouring. Among the three types of pouring methods, the non-detaching mold pouring method is widely used.


The cast-in-place wall without dismantling form is born for the construction of foam concrete wall in recent years. As foam concrete is especially suitable for cast-in-place construction (such as roof insulation, ground heating insulation, floor cushion, filling engineering, etc.), people have been studying how to apply it to wall pouring in order to give full play to its good physical properties. however, due to the high fluidity of foam concrete, it is easy to cause accidents such as mold expansion and slurry leakage for the high pouring height of the wall. At the same time, it is difficult to grasp the uniformity and stability in the pouring process of closed construction.


Therefore, the foam concrete non-dismantling mold wall pouring, to solve the expansion mold, slurry leakage technology is the key factor. According to the use, the foam concrete pouring of non-dismantled formwork wall can be divided into the preparation technology of pure ordinary Portland cement foam concrete and the preparation technology of foam concrete with lightweight aggregate.


Preparation technology of ordinary Portland cement foam concrete. Ordinary Portland cement wall pouring foam concrete is the most common wall pouring foam concrete, the wall core generally has low eyeball strength, but good sound insulation, thermal insulation and fireproof performance. No matter what kind of hollow wall this product is poured, it has few requirements for the settlement and bleeding of foam concrete. One of these two indexes is to select a good foaming agent, which should have good foam stabilization and pressure resistance. At the same time, it should have affinity with a variety of cement, allow to add some admixtures, and recommend animal protein foaming agent and compound foaming agent, which are the first choice for wall pouring.


Preparation technology of foam concrete with lightweight aggregate. For the medium-height wall casting materials with higher requirements, it is necessary to add low-density lightweight aggregates to foam concrete, especially some lightweight aggregates, such as fly ash, ceramsite, polyphenylene particles, perlite, vitrified beads and so on.


The technology of foam concrete transportation is the key to the success of wall pouring. As an ordinary pumping foaming equipment, its unreasonable transportation mode will cause the instability of foam concrete and the difficulty of operation and control. in a large number of wall pouring failure cases of foam concrete pouring failure, most of the failures are caused by poor transportation technology.


Foam concrete contains a large number of air bubbles and has a certain degree of compressibility, which will cause separation and fragmentation in different flow velocity and pressure environment. Unreasonable transportation will cause changes in the quality of foamed concrete, and these changes will lead to pouring failure to a certain extent. Through a large number of experiments, it is found that the transportation of foam concrete should be unidirectional, low pulse and uniform flow. Among several kinds of pumps such as hydraulic plunger pump, diaphragm pump, screw pump and hose pump, only the latter two are close to the requirements of foam concrete transportation.


The biggest advantage of these two kinds of pumps is that there is no inlet and outlet valve, one-way pulse output, no negative pulse caused by round-trip movement, to maximize the protection of the original state of the product. Therefore, the best choice for the transportation of foam concrete is the hose pump, because the pressure of the pump can reach 2.5MPa, which is twice as high as the screw pump, and is the preferred equipment within the range of the maximum effective height specified in the current foam concrete industry standard.


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