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What Makes a Good Concrete Foaming Agent?

2022-06-14 17:05:00  Blog

The general concrete foaming agent should be composed of three components: foaming component, stable foam component, and functional component. Only with these three components can foaming agent become a product with relatively stable and perfect performance. Otherwise, the performance will be reduced and the function is not perfect. 


The foaming component is its main component, and mainly plays the role of producing foam. The quality and proportion of foaming components often determine the amount of foaming agent. The more excellent the foaming performance of foaming agent, the larger the foam production, the higher the dilution ratio of foaming agent, the less dosage.  Therefore, the foaming component is the most concerned component. Because many users only care about foaming agent foaming. Therefore, they only use foaming agent components and do not add other components when preparing foaming agents.


At present, many enterprises prepare low grade foam agent only with foaming components, so the foaming agent’s performance is not good. Its typical characteristic is blister fast, blister quantity is big, but after entering cement slurry, defoaming is much, bleed water is much, settlement is big, slurry is unstable, collapse mold is much, foamed concrete density cannot guarantee.


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