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Why Should Modified Polypropylene Fiber Be Added in Foamed Cement?

2022-06-02 16:47:30  Blog

Foamed cement, as a new building insulation material, has the advantages of good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation, and a high fire rating. It is generally a light and porous structural material made of a chemical foaming agent to produce bubbles in the cement slurry. It is widely used in wall insulation, roof insulation, foundation backfill, and so on, with broad prospects.


However, foamed cement preparation, slurry easy segregation, bleeding, products easy cracking, poor toughness, and other problems are very common. Our years of research in the laboratory have found that these problems can be effectively solved by adding modified polypropylene fibers.


Polypropylene fiber is more commonly used, but the surface of ordinary polypropylene fiber is smooth, the molecular chain does not contain polar groups, and when mixed with foamed cement, there are problems such as poor dispersion performance and poor binding performance with the basic interface, which seriously weaken its effect, so it is very important for surface modification.


Surface chemical grafting modification of polypropylene fiber is the use of peroxide as initiator, the first introduction of active center in the polypropylene fiber, and then with functional monomers, such as acrylic acid, maleic anhydride, graft copolymerization, the introduction of polar branch chain in the fiber, to improve the hydrophilicity, adhesion and so on.


After acrylic chemical graft modification, polypropylene fiber and cement matrix to be enhanced chemical bonding force, improve the interface bonding between the two, inhibits foam cement native new cracks and constraints in the extension of crack and extension, thus can reduce the plastic shrinkage cracking of foamed cement and refine the plastic shrinkage crack.


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