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Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber PVA Fiber for Concrete
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber PVA Fiber for Concrete

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber PVA Fiber for Concrete

Size: 6mm 9mm

Titer:2.09 dtex

Dry Tenacity:12.22 cN/dtex

Dry EXT at break:6.12%

Hot water resistance:≥104℃

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Overview of PVA Fiber

The main characteristics of PVA fiber are high strength, high modulus, low elongation, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good weather resistance. PVA fiber has good affinity and bonding with cement, gypsum, and other substrates. PVA fiber is non-toxic and pollution-free. It does not harm human skin and is harmless to the human body. It is one of the new generation of high-tech green building materials.

Data of PVA Fiber







Dry Tenacity



Initial Modulus



Dry EXTat break



Loss in Hot Water




2.00 dtexX6mm

Properties and Characteristics of PVA Fiber

1. It has good mechanical properties, high strength, high modulus, and low elongation.

2. Strong acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance.

3. Light resistance: Under long-term sunlight, the loss rate of fiber strength is low.

4. Corrosion resistance: The fiber will not be moldy, rot, or moth-eaten when buried in the ground for a long time.

5. The fiber has good dispersibility: the fiber does not stick, and the water dispersibility is good.

6. The fiber has a good affinity with cement, plastic, etc., and the bonding strength is high.

7. Non-toxic and harmless to the human body and environment.

Application of PVA Fiber

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is mainly used to prevent concrete cracks in wind power foundations, docks, hydropower stations, tunnels, and bridge pavements. This product is added to mortar or concrete to inhibit plastic shrinkage cracks in cement mortar and concrete before curing and increase the toughness of concrete. , is the most ideal fiber for concrete mortar.

prevent concrete cracks in wind power foundations

Prevent concrete cracks in wind power foundations

The main purpose of adding polyvinyl alcohol fiber to concrete is to have crack resistance, strong impact resistance, high wear resistance, good affinity with cement, increase component strength, extend service life, etc., and overcome the low tensile strength of concrete. It has shortcomings such as small ultimate elongation and brittleness, but has excellent tensile strength, bending resistance, shear resistance, crack resistance, fatigue resistance, high toughness and other properties. It is divided into polypropylene fiber and polyvinyl alcohol fiber because of its different raw materials. .Anti-crack fiber fibers have obvious engineering performance and can greatly improve the crack resistance, wear resistance, bending strength and demolition resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance, and permeability resistance of concrete, especially high-strength concrete. concrete toughening


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Package and transportation 

Package of PVA Fiber

Packed in woven bags lined with plastic film, each bag has a net weight of 20 kg. If special specification packaging is needed, it can be customized in advance.

Storage of PVA Fiber

It should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse; pay attention to moisture.



What effect does polyvinyl alcohol fiber have on the crack resistance of concrete?


Polyvinyl alcohol fibers can effectively control cracking of concrete. Incorporating polyvinyl alcohol fiber into concrete can significantly improve its crack resistance and reduce the occurrence and development of cracks.


What effect does polyvinyl alcohol fiber have on the toughness and impact resistance of concrete?


Polyvinyl alcohol fibers can improve the toughness and impact resistance of concrete. It improves the impact and earthquake resistance of concrete by dispersing in concrete, absorbing energy and reducing the expansion rate of cracks.


What effect do polyvinyl alcohol fibers have on the durability of concrete?


Polyvinyl alcohol fibers can improve the durability of concrete. It inhibits the occurrence and development of cracks and reduces the intrusion of moisture, thereby reducing corrosion and damage to concrete and extending its service life.


How dispersed are polyvinyl alcohol fibers in concrete?

PVA fibers have good dispersion in concrete. Through stirring and mixing, PVA fibers can be evenly dispersed in concrete to form a uniform reinforced structure.


How much polyvinyl alcohol fiber is used in concrete?


The amount of polyvinyl alcohol fiber used in concrete depends on the engineering requirements and design. According to different application scenarios and needs, select the appropriate amount of polyvinyl alcohol fiber to achieve the best performance results.


How to choose suitable polyvinyl alcohol fiber?


Choosing suitable polyvinyl alcohol fiber requires comprehensive consideration based on engineering requirements, concrete design, usage environment and other factors. Choose polyvinyl alcohol fibers with high strength, high modulus, corrosion resistance, and good combination with the cement matrix to ensure the best performance results.

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