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  • The introduction of Cement foaming agent:

    Cement foaming agent refers to all the surface active substances whose solutions can be produced in large quantities through physical (stirring, compressed air, etc.) or chemical reactions under specific conditions. It is surface active, and the double-electron layer is arranged on the surface of the liquid film to inhale air to form bubbles, which are then composed of a single bubble.


    1. Plant cement foaming agent 

    Plant-based plant fumigants mainly include soaps and saponins teas. They are the main source of refined smoking and oil absorbents. They do not contain pollutants, but smoked synthetic absorbents have more appearance than synthetic absorbents. In addition, the main component of these headphones comes from nerves, so they are classified as snorting nerve receptors.

    The plant-based adsorbent uses high-quality natural plant polymer chemical materials as raw materials and is made through delicate and complex reactions. The product is pure and transparent oily fluid. It is not sensitive to hard water, non-toxic, tasteless, and has no sediment. PH neutral, dust-free cement, does not pollute the environment. The headset has no camera, is not easy to change, the appearance is rich in shape, and the foam cement is stable. The application has the advantages of low consumption and low cost. It can be widely used in ground heating decoration projects and roof landscape decoration projects, which can reduce operations on a large scale.


    2. Polymer cement foaming agent 

    The product is a shallow viscous liquid with low content, strong diffusibility, uniform quality, stable quality, adsorption and foam. Because the foam surface formed by the adsorbent has high strength and stability, the foam cement made of the adsorbent has an independent closed state, and the bubbles are not produced with the bubbling, but the foam is produced. Good permeability resistance of cement products. Its powerful foam cement can reach more than 1.5 meters without collapsing.


    Luoyang TRUNNANO Specializes in the production of foaming agents. We are professionals in lightweight concrete and foam concrete solutions. We can supply concrete foaming agent, superplasticizer, aerogel and foam concrete strength enhancer for lightweight concrete mix, CLC blocks all over the world.

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  • What is white cement?

    The raw material of appropriate composition is burned to partially melted. The clinker with calcium silicate as the main component and low iron content is added with appropriate amount of gypsum, and it is a white hydraulic cementing material made by grinding, called white silicate cement (referred to as white cement).

    When grinding cement, it is allowed to add limestone not exceeding 5% of the cement weight.

    Note: It is allowed to add grinding aids that do not damage the cement performance to grind cement, and the addition amount does not exceed 1% of the cement weight. Incorporation of other admixtures must be tested and submitted to the Ministry of Building Materials Industry for approval.

    Grade of white cement:

    (1) Label: There are four labels: 325, 425, 525, and 625.

    (2) Whiteness: the minimum whiteness is not less than 87. 90 whiteness and 92 whiteness. 

    Characteristic of white cement: 

    White cement, white Portland cement is abbreviated as white cement, is a hydraulic cementitious material made of white Portland cement clinker added to gypsum and ground. The typical feature is high whiteness and bright color.

    Applications of white cement:

    The typical characteristic of white cement is that it has high whiteness and bright color. It is generally used as a variety of building decoration materials. Typical examples are stucco, sculpture, ground, terrazzo products, etc. White cement can also be used to make white and colored concrete components. It is the largest variety of decorative cement produced.

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  • Foaming agent:

    The concrete foaming agent mainly affects the foam volume, foam stability and fineness, etc., and also affects the foaming cost, especially the foam volume and foam quality.

    1. The foam production per unit mass of the foaming agent (foaming multiple) is mainly determined by the quality of the foaming agent. Although the foaming machine also has a certain influence on the foam production, the key effect is the quality of the foaming agent. .

    2. Foam stability The foaming agent determines the stability of the foam, and the foaming machine also has an influence, but the influence is relatively small.

    3. The size of the foam diameter The foaming agent has an effect on the size of the foam diameter (fineness), but it is not as large as the foaming machine.

    4. Foaming cost Foaming agent has the greatest influence, and its price and dosage determine the foaming cost.

    5. Foam water content The foaming agent has a significant influence on the foam water content, and together with the foaming machine determines its bleeding rate.

    Main influence factors of foam concrete:

    1. Cooperation ratio

    If the foamed concrete is prepared only by using cement, the higher the strength of the cement used, the greater the strength of the foamed concrete. Generally, silica fume, fly ash, sand, slag and other mixtures are added together. The participation of mixed materials will cause the early strength of foamed concrete to decrease, but it will have no effect on the later strength. If the stimulator is introduced together, the loss of early strength can also be reduced to a certain extent. When sand is used as fine aggregate, it generally does not reduce the strength of foamed concrete, but it has greater benefits for volume reduction and stability.

    2. Water-cement ratio

    Only by analyzing the internal structural changes of foamed concrete, the increase in water-cement ratio will inevitably lead to a decrease in strength. Many experiments have proved that when the water-cement ratio is added within a certain range, it will not only reduce the strength, but also show an upward trend. This is because the preparation of foamed concrete has a foam mixing process. If the foam needs to be uniformly dispersed in the system, the slurry needs to have excellent fluidity, and in order to ensure excellent fluidity, a higher water-cement ratio is required. However, under the condition of low water-cement ratio, taking appropriate measures can also ensure the excellent fluidity of the cement slurry, and then make high-strength foam concrete.

    3. Additives

    The admixtures involved in foamed concrete mainly include foaming agents, water reducing agents and admixture initiators. As mentioned above, foaming agents have a greater impact on foamed concrete. A foaming agent with few side effects on the system, strong foaming ability, and high foaming strength must be selected. The main function of the initiator is an admixture that deteriorates the foam concrete. The early strength decline can reduce the fluctuation of the decline, but it will also reduce the resulting strength; the water-reducing agent can make the system uniformly mix foam and slurry with a lower water-cement ratio.

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