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Advantages of foam concrete over polystyrene thermal insulation materials

2022-07-22 17:16:13  Blog

Styrofoam is less and less used in the field of thermal insulation materials, and it is gradually replaced by foamed concrete (or foamed cement).


Compared with the traditional material polystyrene foam, foam concrete has the following advantages:

1. High heat resistance

The fatal weakness of polystyrene foam is its low heat resistance temperature, which begins to decompose at 74. When the temperature continues to rise, it will melt and shrink. On the other hand, the temperature of the ground heating hot water pipe is not constant, sometimes it will exceed 74, which will cause the thermal decomposition of polystyrene foam and make the adiabatic failure. Because foam concrete is a cement inorganic material, its heat resistance can reach more than 400, and there is no thermal decomposition, so its service life is longer and will not cause adiabatic failure.


2. Green, non-toxic and harmless

Foamed concrete does not contain any toxic ingredients, the main raw materials are cement, and the foaming agents and admixtures used for cement foaming do not have volatile harmful substances, which is beneficial to the indoor environment. On the other hand, Styrofoam will release toxic styrene gas due to thermal decomposition. Therefore, the use of foam concrete is more environmentally friendly than the use of polystyrene foam.


3. Strong bearing capacity

The compressive strength of polystyrene foam is only 0.02~0.03MPa, which is easy to collapse when the force is large or uneven, and the maintenance cost is high, while the compressive strength of 700cm / m ~ 3 foam concrete is 3.5MPa, which is higher and safe to use.


4. Low cost

Because the main material of foamed cement is cement, and there is basically no waste, and many working procedures such as leveling layer can be omitted, the comprehensive cost is relatively lower. The use of benzene board, the construction process is relatively complex, and there will be corner waste, resulting in waste. The cost of foamed cement is about 30% lower than that of polystyrene foam and has obvious economic advantages.


5. Simple technique and fast construction speed

Foam concrete can be poured and flattened, and it does not need to be laid one by one, and its construction speed is 1 / 3 faster than that of polystyrene foam board, which saves a lot of labor.


6. Without seams, the heat loss caused by seams is reduced.

Because the polystyrene foam board is laid one by one, there are many joints, it is easy to form a cold bridge or a hot bridge; foam concrete pouring molding, no joints, will not cause heat loss.


7. Longer service life

The main component of foam concrete is cement, which has a life of more than 50 years, which is basically the same as that of buildings.


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