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Animal protein type cement concrete foaming agent

2023-11-23 10:25:43  Blog

Building energy conservation is a long-term strategy. Building energy conservation emphasizes the insulation of building envelopes and lightweight walls to reduce the weight of the building, reduce the load-bearing of the foundation, and reduce investment costs.Foamed concrete contains a large number of airtight bubbles of a certain diameter, and the bubbles are not connected with each other. Therefore, the concrete becomes a lightweight material and thermal insulation material, also known as foam concrete, thermal insulation concrete, concrete that can float on water, etc. This kind of foamed concrete can be widely used in roof insulation, floor heating insulation, wall insulation and other occasions. Currently, there are the following building insulation materials on the market, and their performance comparisons are as follows:

Comparison of major building insulation 

(Comparison of major building insulation)

The technological advancement of animal protein foaming agents

There are many products used for concrete foaming. The first-generation foaming agents are mainly rosin acid soap air-entraining agents, metal aluminum powder, etc. However, these substances have low foaming multiples and poor stability, and the gaps between them can make China Unicom unsuitable for making foam concrete products below 700kg/m3.

The second generation foaming agent is a plant-based foaming agent. However, due to the high requirements for synthesis technology, high cost, and difficulty in promotion, it is only suitable for use on a small number of occasions, so it has yet to be widely promoted.

The third generation foaming agent is a surfactant foaming agent, which is an industrial synthetic product. The manufacturing process pollutes the environment greatly, and the foaming performance of the foaming agent is unstable, with thin foam walls and fast defoaming. It requires a large number of other additives, causing trouble in use and increasing costs.

Currently, animal protein foaming agents are widely recognized around the world. Industrially advanced countries such as Japan, the United States, Italy and other countries have widely used it. This type of foaming agent uses natural animal protein as the main raw material. It is obtained from nature, used in nature, and has no environmental pollution. As a foaming agent, it has a high foaming multiple, thick foam wall, good stability, and defoaming time. Long, the foam gaps need to be connected, good independence, low cost and other advantages.

Trunnano foaming agent 

This technology is a concrete foaming agent that uses animal protein as the main raw material. It is developed by tracking the world's most advanced technology in a timely manner and combining it with domestic actual conditions. The manufacturing process uses advanced chemical equipment to carry out synthesis reactions at a certain temperature and pressure to rearrange the molecular structure of animal protein so that it has a certain surface activity, control its molecular weight and the length and distribution of molecular chains to achieve foaming multiples Increased foaming performance is stable and foaming time is long.

This manufacturing process has no environmental pollution, no exhaust gas, waste residue and liquid discharge, no noise. The products produced are environmentally friendly, the foaming performance is stable, the compressive strength and bulk density of the concrete after foaming is adjustable, and the foaming agent is added The foamed concrete of the agent compound product has the characteristics of adjustable bulk density, good thermal insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, good bonding performance between the outer interface and the plastering material, etc., and its comprehensive performance has reached the leading level.

The main properties of animal protein foaming agent and foamed concrete

Main properties of animal protein foaming agent 

(Main properties of animal protein foaming agent)

The main properties of animal protein foaming agent for foamed concrete 

(The main properties of animal protein foaming agent for foamed concrete)

Protein-based foaming agents can generally be divided into animal protein foaming agents and plant healthy protein frothing representatives. Pet protein frothing agents are generally made from keratin of livestock, sheep and other pets as raw materials, to which a certain amount of sodium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, hydrochloric acid and other reagents are added in proportion to produce a dark brown viscous liquid under certain temperature conditions. Animal protein foaming agents have the characteristics of high frothing proportion, high stamina, good stability, and affordable, and have been broadly utilized in industrialized nations such as Japan and the USA. Plant healthy protein foaming representatives are made from all-natural polymer materials and prepared through complex chemical changes. This foaming agent is usually a light yellow transparent liquid that dissolves in water and is almost unaffected by water hardness. It is safe, odorless, has strong foaming ability, and produces fine and rich foam. However, because the quality stability of various natural polymer raw materials used in preparation cannot be guaranteed, the foaming performance of plant protein foaming agent products could be better and more stable, making it impossible to achieve large-scale promotion and application. At present, animal protein foaming agents are still widely used.

The foaming concept of healthy protein foaming representatives is the degradation of proteins. The rupture of peptide bonds in protein macromolecules will generate easily soluble small protein molecules. As the number of small protein molecules in the solution increases, the hydrophobic groups gradually increase, which reduces the surface tension and achieves a foaming effect. In addition, due to the formation of hydrogen bonds between unique teams in the molecule, strong hydrogen bonding can make sure that the remedy develops a solid foam film, thereby allowing the foaming agent to generate stable foam. However, protein foaming agents are easily denatured by external environments such as temperature and acidity, which is an important factor affecting the development of protein foaming agents.


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