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Application of foam concrete in railway sound insulation belt

2022-05-06 08:45:38  Blog

Application of foam concrete in railway sound insulation belt

With the introduction of global energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the research and application of foamed concrete as a thermal insulation and energy conservation material has been further promoted. In addition to the applications above, foamed concrete can also be used as the primary material for railway sound insulation belts.

Currently, the use of foamed concrete as a railway sound insulation belt has a significant development.

Because the performance of foam concrete itself has excellent advantages as a railway sound insulation belt:

1. Lightweight

The use of foamed concrete as a load-bearing thermal insulation wall or for roof thermal insulation can significantly reduce the self-weight of the building structure and reduce the size of the force-bearing components such as beams and columns, thereby reducing the amount of engineering, shortening the construction period and reducing engineering costs, and can also be used to achieve structural integrity. High-rise buildings; on the other hand, foam concrete is more and more used for the replacement and backfilling of highway or bridge foundations because the low self-weight of foam concrete can reduce the foundation settlement caused by the excessive self-weight stress of the foundation and prevent the road from collapsing. The occurrence of bridge jumping and other phenomena.

2. Good thermal insulation

There are many spherical and closed micro-pores evenly distributed in the foam concrete, so it has excellent thermal insulation performance. The dry thermal conductivity of foam concrete can be as low as 0.06W/(m·K), while the dry thermal conductivity of ordinary cement concrete is 1.5W/(m·K). Therefore, foamed concrete has excellent thermal performance, which can effectively achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

3. Reduce noise pollution

Due to the pore structure inside the foam concrete, it has a good sound absorption effect, which can effectively reduce noise pollution and improve the living environment.

4. Adjust room temperature

The moisture content of foamed concrete can change with the change of the indoor environment, which can be used to balance the indoor humidity and keep it neither dry nor wet to effectively adjust the room temperature.

5. Superior seismic performance

Foamed concrete has the advantage of being lightweight. Using it as a material to make relevant components of building structures can effectively reduce the foundation load and improve the seismic capacity. In addition, foamed concrete is a porous structure with a low elastic modulus, which has good absorption and absorption of seismic loads. Dispersion is an excellent energy-dissipating shock-absorbing material.


In 2009, the foam concrete sound insulation board was successfully used in the sound insulation belt of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway in China. The high-speed operation of the train will generate high wind pressure and high-frequency metal noise in the interlayer. During the reentry process, energy accumulation will occur, which will increase the temperature and produce a destructive "sonic boom." Therefore, noise barriers should be set up on both sides of the railway. The sound insulation barrier is a ceramic foam cement composite sound barrier made of unique inorganic material modified cement. It comprises a low-density open-cell foam layer and a high-density closed-cell foam layer. Proper absorption, good insulation, high strength, and other characteristics.

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