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CLC Block - An Eco-Friendly Building Material

2023-07-11 08:54:47  Blog

What is CLC block?

CLC block is an eco-friendly building material. They are made of recycled materials like fly ash and other industrial wastes. Their production process doesn’t release any harmful effluents to ground, water or air. These blocks are light in weight and provide thermal insulation. They keep houses cool in summers and warm in winters thereby saving energy costs of air-conditioning. They also save paints by providing better finishing of walls.

Unlike clay bricks, these blocks don’t require cement for bonding and hence save on material cost. They are 2-3 times lighter than clay bricks and can be easily handled. This makes them easier to install on construction site. They also reduce construction time and save on labour and water-cement cost.

These blocks are a type of foam concrete that is made by blending cement, sand and foaming agent. The mixture looks like a milkshake and the foam gives the concrete its lightweight properties. The slurry is then poured into moulds and allowed to dry for 3-4 weeks. After drying, the slurry is cut into blocks of the required size.

The optimum compressive strength of clc blocks with silica fume substitution has been investigated experimentally and numerically. The results obtained from the LUSAS finite element analysis showed that a 10% silica fume composition gave the best compressive strength of clc blocks. This study will help in designing a proper mix design for cellular lightweight concrete that is both economical and environmentally sustainable.

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