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Foaming Agent in Concrete

2023-07-11 08:53:13  Blog

What is Protein based foaming agent?

Protein based foaming agent is a type of chemicals used to make clc bricks and blocks, it is widely used in the construction industry. It is a non-hazardous chemical that doesn’t cause any reaction with concrete it only acts as a bubble wrap for the trapped air in the concrete materials.

The clc foaming agent has high permeability and is very easy to use in different types of applications. It can be easily dissolved in water and doesn’t require any special equipment to be used. It can be mixed with cement and gypsum mortar to obtain insulated lightweight structural elements. It has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Foaming agent is available in powder and liquid form. It can be diluted in water to produce a foaming agent solution that can be used with the concrete production line. The liquid version of clc foaming agent is known as TECHCELL HT and it is specially designed to save the transport cost and storage space.

As exhibited in Figure 2, the density, thermal conductivity and flexural and compressive strength of lightweight thermal insulation concrete rapidly decreased with increasing content of foaming agent from 0 to 5wt%. This is mainly because the decomposition of foaming agent generates large amount of porosity in the sample matrix. However, the flexural and compressive strengths of samples with foaming agent addition show a slight tendency to increase as the content of foaming agent increases from 5wt% to 7wt%.

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