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The Foaming Agent For Aircrete

2023-07-11 08:49:44  Blog

Aircrete is a lightweight cement based material that uses stable air bubbles uniformly distributed throughout the mix. This gives it more strength than concrete but still allows the material to be shaped into blocks, slabs and other elements for a home building project. It is also known as aerated concrete, foam concrete, or light weight concrete. It is easy to build with, easy to nail or cut and does not require a lot of labor to lift. It is self-compacting, allowing it to easily conform to the ground surface and can be pumped over long distances. It is fire-resistant and poses minimal environmental threat.

It is also very energy efficient and eco-friendly. Using all-organic materials, it requires less cement, water, electricity, and heat to produce and cure than traditional concrete. It also does not emit harmful off-gases, reducing the energy required to regulate a building’s temperature. Additionally, it is a fire-, moisture-, and pest-resistant building material, saving on maintenance costs for homeowners.

The Foaming Agent

For Aircrete to work it needs a special foaming agent, usually a degreasing dish detergent. It can be mixed in a large container or mixer with compressed air to create a high-density foam that can be used for construction. The process was historically only available on a commercial scale with heavy-duty equipment, but Domegaia founder Hajjar Gibran has developed foam generators like the Little Dragon and DragonXL for DIY use that allow anyone to make their own Aircrete on the cheap. The optimum W/C ratio for creating the strongest Aircrete varies with the type of foaming agent and it is important to test it for yourself.

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