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Improved Concrete Foaming Agent

2023-07-11 08:51:27  Blog

What is foam concrete?

Foam concrete is a lightweight construction material which has been used in recent years to construct road or car park pavements, floor structures and building foundations. In addition, it is increasingly being used for disaster rehabilitation work. The development of synthetic-enzyme based foaming agents, foam stability enhancing admixtures and specialised foam generating, mixing and pumping equipment has made it possible to manufacture foamed concrete which is as light as 75 kg/m3 density.

The present invention relates to an improved concrete foaming agent which is capable of producing high-strength, well-formed and stable air bubbles, thereby making it possible to produce extremely lightweight yet strong cellular foamed concrete suitable for load bearing structural applications. The new liquid foaming agent has excellent stability and is suitable for use in all types of concrete mixes including those containing coarse fillers. The foam generated by the new liquid is also capable of surviving the agitation process which is used in the production of concrete.

This is made possible by the fact that the chemistry of the liquid foaming agent has been modified such that it is more resistant to temperature fluctuations and changes in water quality. This enables the production of high-strength cellular concrete with a low dry density and at a lower cost than conventional concrete.

The foamed concrete produced by the new liquid foaming agent was tested for its wet and dry density, its compressive strength and its creep deformations after 28 days of curing. The results show that there is an exponential relationship between the density of the hardened foamed concrete and its compressive strength.

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