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CLC Bricks

2023-04-02 04:20:03  Blog

clc bricks (Cellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks) are lightweight construction blocks that are made of foamed concrete. They are used for a number of purposes including acoustic construction, precast exterior walls, low-cost housing, and air-conditioned buildings.

Advantages of Cellular Lightweight Concrete Bricks

The main benefits of clc bricks are their light weight and easy installation. They are also environmentally friendly as they do not require any aggregates and can be transported easily on the roads. These blocks have good thermal insulation properties that help reduce heating costs in winters.

They are sound-insulating and also fire-resistant. They are also less water-absorbing which means that they are more energy-efficient in construction and can be installed with fewer laborers.

These bricks are also resistant to earthquakes as they have a lower dead load. Therefore, they are a great alternative to traditional bricks and are ideal for areas with higher earthquake rates.

AAC Bricks and CLC Blocks have similarities

Both CLC and AAC are lightweight blocks that are used in construction as an alternative to red bricks. Both are available in different sizes and strengths.

CLC is a type of foam concrete which is formed by combining Portland cement, sand, fly ash, and water. After mixing, the material is then autoclaved under pressure to produce a solid block. It is then used in a variety of applications such as building walls, void fillings, and insulation. Its high strength, load-bearing, and thermal insulating properties make it a popular construction material.

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