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Differences between several kinds of Water Reducing Agents

2024-01-02 08:39:52  Blog

Introduction to Superplasticizer

Superplasticizer, or high-efficient water reducing agent, has the functions of high efficient water reduction, slow coagulation, slump, and enhancement. It has strong adaptability to cement, less dosage, is easy to use, especially suitable for high-efficient water reduction and slow coagulation requirements of concrete engineering. The water reduction rate is 18% to 25%.

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Differences between several kinds of Water Reducing Agent


It is a common water-reducing agent made of lignin. Most of its raw materials are extracted from coniferous trees and other species of material. This water reducing agent mixed with mortar can improve the fluidity of mortar, and enhance the solidification force of mortar. Its water reduction rate is about five to ten percent.

Naphthalene sulfonate water reducing agent

It is a special water reducing agent. It is the product of naphthalene reacting with sulfuric acid and then fusing with formaldehyde. This water-reducing agent presents different colors from light to deep. It has strong water solubility and a good dispersion effect for a series of powdery building materials like cement. Its water reduction rate is about 10 percent higher than lignin.

Polycarboxylate-based high-performance water reducing agent

It is a newly developed kind of reducing water agent using high technology. It is based on polycarboxylate as the main body of a variety of polymer organic compounds, graft copolymerization generated, with strong water reduction performance, is the world's leading technology environmental protection concrete admixture.


Its compatibility with all kinds of cement is good, the slump of concrete keeps the performance good, can prolong the construction time of concrete. It has a high water reduction rate with a low dosage. It can greatly improve the early and late strength of concrete. It has a low content of chloride ions and alkali, which is beneficial to the durability of concrete. It is a green environmental protection product with a pollution-free production process and without formaldehyde. It is suitable for precast and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete for high-speed railway, passenger dedicated lines, industrial and civil buildings, roads, bridges, ports and docks, airports, and other engineering construction. It is especially suitable for construction projects with long construction time and high requirements for concrete slumps, such as nuclear power projects.

Properties and Advantages of Polycarboxylate-based High-performance Superplasticizer

1, low dosage, high water reduction rate, water reduction rate can be up to 45%;

2, the slump loss is small, the slump loss rate of ready-mixed concrete is less than 5% per hour, 10% per two hours;

3, the strengthening effect is significant, concrete 3d compressive strength increased by 50 ~ 110%, 28d compressive strength increased by 40 ~ 80%, 90d compressive strength increased by 30 ~ 60%;

4, good workability of concrete, no segregation, bleeding phenomenon, uniform appearance of concrete color.  When used to prepare high grade concrete, the concrete has good cohesion and is easy to mix.

5, moderate gas content, no adverse effect on the elastic modulus of concrete, good frost resistance durability;

6, can reduce the early hydration heat of cement, is conducive to mass concrete and summer construction;

7, excellent adaptability, cement, admixture compatibility is good, good temperature adaptability, and different varieties of cement and admixture has a good compatibility, to solve the problem of poor compatibility between other water-reducing agent and cementing materials;

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8, low shrinkage, can significantly reduce the shrinkage of concrete, freeze-thaw resistance and carbonization resistance is significantly better than ordinary concrete; Significantly improve concrete volume stability and long-term durability;

9, alkali content is very low, alkali content ≤0.2%, can effectively prevent the occurrence of alkali aggregate reaction

10, the product has good stability, long-term storage without stratification, precipitation phenomenon, no crystallization precipitation at low temperature;

11, the product green environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly products;

12, good economic benefits, the comprehensive cost of the project is lower than the use of other types of products, the same strength conditions can save cement 15-25%.


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