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Dragon XL Foam Generator For Aircrete

2023-05-05 19:00:03  Blog

DRAGON XL - Foam generator for Aircrete

The Dragon XL is an easy to use Aircrete foam generator, that can make small or large batches of aircrete foam agent. It features a self-priming continuous duty pump and a dial indicator air-pressure regulator valve for accurate and easy adjustment.

How to Make Aircrete Foam

There are many different methods and devices for blending a foaming agent with water and forcing the mix solution through a foaming chamber. Some good, some not so good but they all do a job.

Step 1 - Put your chosen foaming agent into a bucket and then add water until the mixture is about 40:1 ratio. This is a very important step and must be done correctly or you may have problems with the end result of your foam.

Next, mix the water and foaming agent together very well until it is smooth and liquid looking. Don't cut corners, you need to do this very carefully or you will not have a good quality foam that will hold its shape and not collapse.

Once it is mixed, pump the mixture into a mold to get it in shape and ready for curing. It's also important to level it out for a solid and clean looking concrete-like appearance.

Once it is cured and set, you can remove the bricks from the frame, and you'll have a very solid and durable concrete-like structure that will last for years to come. It's a great lightweight material to build with and very affordable too!

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