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Cement Foaming Agent

2023-06-05 08:30:04  Blog

cement foaming agent is one of the important ingredients in cellular lightweight concrete (CLC). It is hydrolyzed protein based foaming agent with high stability that can be used with all types of Portland cement and also can be incorporated into cement only or sand-cement mortar slurries to produce foamed concrete of every type and for every application. Foaming agent is a safe and easy to use chemical that does not generate any hazardous fumes during production. It can be stored in a dry place without any changes in technological properties, it has a shelf life of two years.

The present invention relates to a novel form of cement foaming agent which improves the quality of foamed concrete in terms of both wet density and compressive strength when fully cured. It has been discovered that the addition of a special subgroup of alkylnaphtliylene sulphonates produces a more uniform and significantly improved distribution of air bubbles in the wet foamed concrete.

Further, it has been found that the addition of bituminous emulsion serves to interconnect the sulphonate groups in the walls of the foam bubbles and thus further strengthens the structure so that it is better able to resist the admixture of coarse filler which would otherwise tend to collapse the bubbles.

It has also been found that the addition of both alginates and polyacrylic acid esters to the foamed concrete produced by this method enhances the quality of the resulting cellular concrete in a variety of ways. The alginate or ester prevents the walls of the foam bubbles from being starved of water during hydration of the cement, and the resin forms in effect a mechanical reinforcement for the bubble walls, thus further strengthening the bubble structure.

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