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Foam stability of concrete foaming agent

2023-12-27 14:00:56  Blog

The overall technical characteristics of foam with excellent stability are that the liquid film is tough, the mechanical strength is high, the ability to resist external disturbance is strong, and it can withstand a certain weight of the slurry; in addition, it has strong water retention capacity, and the water on the liquid film is It is not easy to drain under the action of gravity and surface tension. It can maintain the thickness and integrity of the liquid film for a long time. This kind of foam also has good adaptability to cement slurry and is suitable for stable existence under highly alkaline conditions. Overall, this foam is stable for a long time and can form good pores in foam concrete.

trunnano foam stability 

Foam stability is one of the important indicators for evaluating foam quality. For high-quality foam, its stability is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Tough liquid film: Foam with good stability has a tough liquid film and high mechanical strength. This means that when the foam is disturbed by external forces, the liquid film is not easily broken and the integrity of the foam can be maintained.

Strong ability to resist external disturbance: This kind of foam can resist a certain amount of slurry weight pressure, thereby maintaining a stable foam structure under various construction conditions.

Strong water retention capacity: the water on the liquid film is not easily lost, and can maintain the thickness and integrity of the liquid film under the action of gravity and surface tension. This helps the foam remain stable over time and reduces foam breakdown due to moisture loss.

Good adaptability to cement slurry: This foam is good for cement slurry and can exist stably in highly alkaline conditions. This helps enhance the strength and durability of foam concrete.

High porosity: When the foam with good stability is mixed into the cement slurry for mixing, pumping, and pouring, there is little defoaming, and most of the foam is completely preserved and transformed into well-structured pores. The porosity rate can reach more than 95%, forming uniform pores with good pore structure.


Good pouring stability: During the static stop process of slurry pouring and molding, foam with good stability will not defoam in large quantities, and the slurry maintains volume stability. This requires that the foam has good adaptability to the ingredients of the cement slurry and will not be defoamed due to adverse reactions; the amount of water bleeding is low and the bubble wall thins slowly; the foam has good toughness and has a strong ability to resist the pressure of the gravity of the slurry.

The formed pore structure is good: the pores formed by the foam with good stability after the slurry hardens are mostly closed pores, the shape of the pores is round, the pores are overall uniform, and there are fewer large pores. This helps improve the compressive strength and thermal insulation properties of foam concrete.

The foaming agent is an important factor affecting concrete cement foam's stability.

Foaming agents are chemicals that produce foam and are used to introduce air bubbles into concrete, increasing its volume and reducing its weight. The performance of the foaming agent is crucial to the stability and performance of foam concrete.

The stability of the foaming agent is a key factor affecting foam stability. If the foaming agent is unstable, the foam produced will easily burst or defoam, resulting in uneven or insufficient pores in the concrete. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a foaming agent with good stability.

The foam stability of a blowing agent is also affected by its compatibility with other materials. If the foaming agent is mixed unevenly with the cement slurry or reacts adversely, it will cause foam rupture or defoaming, thus affecting the stability of the foam concrete. Therefore, choosing a foaming agent with good compatibility with the cement paste is also very important.


In addition, the concentration and amount of foaming agent will also affect the stability and performance of the foam. Too high a concentration or too much-added amount may cause the foam to be too thick or too thin, thus affecting the stability and performance of the foam. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate foaming agent concentration and addition amount based on specific construction requirements and material properties.


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