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Foam stability of concrete foaming agent

2022-04-08 15:43:47  Blog

The technical characteristics of foam stability, the overall technical characteristics of foam with excellent stability are that the liquid film is tough, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to external force disturbance, and can withstand a certain slurry self-weight pressure.

In addition, it has strong water retention capacity, the water on the liquid film is not easy to lose under the action of gravity and surface tension, and can maintain the thickness and integrity of the liquid film for a long time.

This foam also has good adaptability to cement slurry and is suitable for stable existence under high alkaline conditions. In general, this foam can exist stably for a long time and can form good pores in foamed concrete.

Specific analysis, its technical characteristics are as follows:

1. High porosity

Foam with good stability and good porosity for foamed concrete. Its foam porosity can reach more than 95%. The pore formation is uniform and the pore structure is good. During the process of mixing, pumping and pouring, the foam is mixed into the cement slurry, and the foam is very little.

2. Good pouring stability

Pouring stability, that is, during the static stop of the slurry pouring and forming, the foamed concrete will not defoaming a lot, the slurry will not sink or collapse, and the volume stability will always be maintained.

(1) It has good adaptability to the components of cement slurry and will not defoam due to adverse reactions;

(2) The amount of bleeding is low, and the thinning speed of the bubble wall is slow;

(3) The foam has good toughness and strong resistance to the self-weight pressure of the slurry.

The subsidence and collapse of the slurry caused by defoaming after pouring are the most serious process accidents in the production of foamed concrete. To avoid such accidents and ensure normal production, it is necessary to require the foam to have the stability of the pouring static stop period.

3. The formed pore structure is excellent

For foam with good stability, after the slurry is hardened, there are few pores and connected pores formed by air-crossing. Foam with poor stability, the foam is easy to string air and holes, there are many connected holes, and the deformation of the cells is large and not round. And the small bubbles burst and merged into large bubbles, forming uneven large pores. These will affect the performance of foam concrete.

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