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High Expansion Foam Generator

2023-05-08 14:20:02  Blog

high expansion foam generators use aspirated air to expand a water based foam solution into millions of tiny, stable bubbles. No other source of power is required and these units can be easily installed and operated in many applications. The resulting fan-shaped foam can suppress or extinguish fires by physically blocking the combustion process and suffocates the flame, preventing oxygen from reaching the combustion zone. These systems may be used for total flooding applications on three dimensional hazards or local application on spill fires and vapor suppression.

Typical applications include warehouses, engine rooms, machinery spaces, electrical cable ducting and mining areas. CHEMGUARD portable high-expansion generators are capable of producing foam to a maximum height of 20 feet or more for effective extinguishment. They can also be used in fixed installations requiring rapid flood times to minimize water damage.

When activated by the detection system, a deluge or flow control valve will open via a releasing panel working in conjunction with the detection system to provide a delay before discharge. The incoming water supply will then be mixed with the appropriate foam concentrate using a proportioning/admixture system forming a foam solution that will fill the entire protected area within the required submergence time for either suppression or fire extinguishment as specified in the planning/design phase.

These systems require a dedicated high-pressure foam concentrate formulated and tested for use with this type of equipment. The system must be used in conjunction with a foam storage tank that has been tested and approved to work with high expansion systems.

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