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2023-05-08 10:00:02  Blog

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of clc foaming agent, it is a special foam producing chemical used to make cellular concrete bricks popularly known as clc blocks. This foaming agent is a water based chemical that when applied with a concrete foam generator produces fine and stable foam that can be incorporated into any mortar mix to make insulated lightweight concrete blocks. This clc foaming agent makes the mortar light in density so that it can easily be poured into a mold without needing vibration compaction equipment or surface leveling equipment. This clc foaming agent is also nontoxic and produces almost no fumes or toxic waste over the lifetime of its use.

Cellular concrete is a construction material that consists of air trapped in a matrix of cement. This construction material is relatively inexpensive, easy to form into blocks, slabs, and other structures, and is rugged and durable when set and cured. Unlike solid concrete, which requires heavy machinery to produce and transport, cellular concrete can be produced by hand.

The present invention is a clc foaming agent that produces a dense, high-strength, and highly insulating mass of air in the presence of Portland cement. This foaming agent comprises about 20-25% by weight of powdered polyvinyl chloride, about 40-45% by weight of a water-soluble alkylnaphtliylene sulphonate in which the alkyl groups have 4-10 carbon atoms, and about 13-17% by weight of a member of the class consisting of lower alkyl esters of polyacrylic acid in an aqueous emulsion with water-soluble alginates, the balance essentially being water. When this clc foaming agent is mixed with Portland cement, water, and granular mineral filler, it forms a wet cellular concrete that, after hydration, has a density of about 80 lbs. per cubic foot, a sand-cement ratio of about 0.5, and no measurable collapse of the foam during mixing, pouring, or setting and curing.

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