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How to Make AirCrete Foam - Domegaia AirCrete Foam Generator For Sale

2023-04-03 04:40:03  Blog

There are many ways to make aircrete foam, some good and some bad. The Domegaia AirCrete Building System is one of the most reliable systems to produce consistent results time and again. It is very easy to use, portable, and can be used anywhere in the world.

How to make AirCrete Foam

The first thing you need is a foam generator. We offer two models, the Little Dragon and the DRAGON XL. These units come with a pump and are very simple to operate. They are available in 115 or 230 volts.

Next, you will need a 50 gallon bucket. Fill it about half way with concrete (recommend a bag of cement from the home improvement store). Set the air pressure psi on the foam generator to 60psi, and start pumping your water/foam mix into the concrete mixture. This will slowly raise the foam to a level that is very close to the top of the concrete, this is when you measure the weight with your scale.

Once the mix comes close to 3oz a quart, you are ready to pump it into your molds or framing forms. You can also pump it into a pre framed house.

You can add a variety of things to your aircrete, like stones, glass wine bottles and even cool shaped windows. There are many creative ideas, you just have to think of them! You can also pump AirCrete into different frames of all sorts and create a custom look.

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