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How to Prepare Silicon Oxide Powder

2023-03-01 09:25:35  Blog

Among the numerous minerals that can be found in nature is silicon dioxide, or silica. It's an important compound that can be obtained from mining and purifying quartz, and also is present in the human body (in its crystalline form), some plants, and in drinking water.

Silica is a common food additive used in many foods, including baking ingredients, protein powders and dried spices. It can help ensure a product's shelf life and protect against the effects of moisture, keeping powdered ingredients from sticking together or caking.

It has a high porosity, which means it can absorb large amounts of fluid and improve the flow of liquid ingredients. It can also act as a glidant, which is an ingredient that helps make liquid ingredients flow smoothly through equipment and machinery.

This substance is often added to the manufacturing of various products, from cans and impermeable films to paints and dental formulations. It is also used in cosmetics, emulsions, dry pesticides and soil conditioners.

The present invention is a method of preparing a silicon oxide powder represented by the formula: SiOx wherein x is from 1.05 to 1.5 (i.e., 1.05=x1.5) and having a BET specific surface area of 5 to 300 m2/g. The method comprises heating a raw material powder mixture to generate sio gas, continuously or intermittently feeding oxygen gas to the sio gas to form a gas mixture, and contacting the gas mixture with a surface of a cooled substrate for depositing silicon oxide particles thereon.

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