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One of the ways to improve the stability of the foam concrete mixture

2023-11-08 10:29:37  Blog

What is Foam stabilizer

Foam stability is directly connected with the properties of liquid thin layers (foam films), which determine the structure of the foam. To evaluate quantitatively the strength of the foam, the rate of its destruction is determined. To improve the quality of a construction foam on a protein basis for non-autoclaved foam concrete, a proposal has been made to increase its stability by introducing nanosize additives—SiO2 and Fe(OH)3 sols. It is shown that the effect obtained is connected with various stabilization mechanisms. It is stated that these mechanisms are associated with different energies of chemical bonds formed between the molecules of the foaming agent and the injected sols. Using electron microscopy, it is stated that the growth of foam stability is connected with an increase in the foam film thickness by one order. An increase in the coefficient of the foam resistance in the cement paste is shown. Stabilizing the construction foam leads to using foam concrete hardening accelerators without destroying its structure. The resulting foam concrete is proven to get increased compressive and bending tensile strength and reduced thermal conductivity and shrinkage in drying. The porosity of the foam concrete obtained is tested through mercury porosimetry. Its phase composition is investigated by X-ray phase and derivatographic analysis. Foaming agents used for producing foam concrete of different hardening are considered. The paper presents the classification of foaming agents according to their chemical characteristics. Properties of various foams, the bases of their obtaining, and destruction are investigated in the works. For foam concrete on the cement binder, the influence of the foaming agent used on the degree of cement hydration is considered. It is shown that the protein-based foaming agent is the best one. Instability and destruction of the construction foam are one of the causes of volume instability in foam concrete. Especially sharply, this question is on the lightweight foam concretes because the volume of the foam in their composition is up to 90%.


One of the ways to improve the stability of the foam concrete mixture

Currently, there are various ways to improve the stability of foams based on different stabilization mechanisms. The use of additives (glycerin, methylcellulose, ethylene glycol) increases the viscosity of foaming agent solutions and slows down the liquid slug from foam films. Also, for the stabilization of foams, it is possible to use substances that contribute to the formation of colloidal particles in films, preventing their dehydration. This group includes gelatin, joiner’s glue, starch, and polysaccharides. For the production of thermal insulation materials, it is also recommended to use substances polymerized in the foam as stabilizers. Such additions strengthen the foam film significantly. They include polymer compositions based on synthetic resins and latex. In addition, there are some ways of improving the stability of the foam found in other mechanisms of stabilization. The influence of spherical monodisperse SiO2 particles with a diameter of 20 to 700 nm on foam stabilization based on sodium sulfonate was investigated. The positive effect obtained in this case is shown. The question of getting stable foams formed from water dispersions of laponite modified by hexylamine. It is shown that such a composition “surrounds” foam bubbles with a thin layer, providing a stabilizing effect. It is also known that the foam can be stabilized by hydrophobic polymer particles with a diameter of less than one μm and a length of several tens of μm. The stabilization effect is connected with the formation of dense, thick layers of these particles around the foam films.


The publication provides information that a significant increase in the stability of the foam

The publication provides information that a significant increase in the stability of the foam can be achieved by introducing silica particles of the micrometer size. It is also proposed to use spherical silica particles with a diameter from 150 to 190 nm with their subsequent modification by silane substances. It is established that the hydrophobicity of the surface achieved is a crucial factor affecting the stability of the foam. The data confirming that the stabilization of foams by solid particles is possible and results in a sound effect are given. The outcome depends on the packaging of the particles on the surface of the foam films. The denser the packaging, the better the product. Also, based on calculations, it is shown that for stabilization of foams on the water basis and the basis of the liquid, aluminum particles with a diameter less than 3 and 30 μm, respectively, are required. The method of determining the coefficient of effectiveness and critical coverage, as well as the coefficient of adsorption of particles on the interface of foam bubbles, is considered. The possibility of obtaining the most stable foam depends on them. The chance of getting porous ceramics from a foamed suspension based on Al2O3–TiO2/ZrO2–SiO2 is discussed. Suspension particles stabilize and allow foam with an air content of up to 87%. The carried-out analysis suggests that the increase in the stability of the foam is mainly due to the mechanism of “armoring” the surface of the foam bubble by the injected solid particles. This process prevents the liquid from leaking out of the foam film under the influence of gravity, and so prevents its subsequent destruction. The mechanisms of foam chemical stabilization to get the foam concrete are not considered yet.


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