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Rooppur 2 shell concrete pouring completed

2024-01-29 13:49:45  Blog

The concrete pouring of the casing of the second unit of Bangladesh's first nuclear power plant took 122 days to complete.

Rooppur 2 shell concrete pouring completed 

(Image source: Rosatom)

A total of 75 people were involved in the work, 60 of them from Bangladesh, and the final layer required 130 cubic meters of concrete - a total of 1,233 cubic meters was spent pouring the entire dome on a shell 46 meters in diameter and 50 centimetres thick rice. By consolidating the pouring of the last two layers, Rosatom said the whole process was shortened by five days.

The outer shell is a reinforced concrete structure that protects against external threats such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes. The internal containment around the reactor building was installed in June 2022, and concrete was poured in May 2023.

Alexey Deriy, Vice President and Project Director of the Construction of the Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant, said: "After the concrete pouring of the reactor shell of the second nuclear power plant is completed, we can start to install the deflectors of the passive heat removal system. We must Prepare the recessed components for installation, modify the sling equipment, and gather the documentation required to lift the passive heat rejection system deflectors using a crane."

In February 2011, Rosatom signed an agreement to build two reactors at Ruppur for the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission. The origin contract for the project, worth $12.65 billion, was signed in December 2015. The Rooppur nuclear power plant is 160 kilometers away from the capital, Dhaka, and will be equipped with two Russian VVER-1200 reactors. Construction of the first unit started in November 2017 and is scheduled to be put into operation in 2024. Construction of the second unit began in July 2018. Its initial life cycle is 60 years and can be further extended by 20 years.

The first unit reached the same stage in March 2023, with the concrete pouring of the casing completed. In October, when the plant's first batch of fuel arrived at the Rooppur site, Bangladesh officially became a member of the international "club" of nuclear states.

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