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Should retarder be added in the construction of refractory castables in summer?

2022-07-14 17:12:53  Blog

In the case of extremely high temperature in summer, it is best to add some retarders in the construction of refractory castables. Because the temperature is high and solidifies too fast, it will dry out before it is too late for construction.


In general, when the refractory castable is produced in summer, the manufacturer will place the retarder in the package separately according to the temperature of different places to be used. if the construction is at night, the temperature is not too high, it does not need to be added, but it can be put in the package for backup. Some units change shifts during the day and night, when the temperature is high during the day, and when the temperature is not high at night, they can not join.



Of course, summer construction in areas where the temperature is not too high, there is no need to add.


When the construction condenses too fast in winter, the accelerator should be added. This is also according to different seasons of different conditions, different temperatures, can not be rigid buckle technology, do not take into account the temperature of the construction site.


If it is cement-free refractory castable, plastic, coating material, pressed into the mud type of unshaped products, there is no need to add retarder, because the combination mode is different. In all seasons of the year, spring and autumn are produced and used according to the normal process proportion, so it is not necessary to consider adding retarders to refractory castables, but in summer and winter, it is necessary to consider that the temperature is too high or too low to add binders under different conditions to facilitate construction.


However, in principle, it can only be added at a special temperature, but in the production process, it can not be directly added to the base material, some must be packaged separately for backup, and can only be added when the construction can not be carried out normally, but the proportion must not be too large, which will affect the use strength of refractory castables in the later stage.


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