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Types of Light Concrete Blocks

2023-04-15 12:05:02  Blog

light concrete blocks are a lighter version of standard bricks and masonry units that are used to build walls, partitions, and other structural projects. They help reduce the amount of heavy lifting and carrying that can cause low back disorders and a variety of other problems.

How to Choose the Right Block for Your Project

There are many different types of masonry blocks available, and some may be more appropriate for specific applications than others. For example, some blocks are designed to resist water leakage through exterior walls. Some are fire-resistant, and some can be made with special features that improve their performance in a given application.

Aerated Concrete (Aircrete) Blocks

Aerated concrete blocks, also known as aircrete or cellular concrete blocks, were first produced in Sweden in 1923 and are used in the UK since the 1960s. They are distinguished by their capacity to perform a dual structural / insulation function and can be used to construct load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, including interior partitions.

LECA(r) Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

Among the various lightweight building materials, one of the most common is LECA(r), which is manufactured from crushed and graded volcanic pumice. It is a very hard-wearing, robust material with impressive bearing capacity and thermal insulation.

These blocks are a popular choice because they are very easy to work with. They are also resistant to moisture, corrosion and weathering, making them a great choice for exterior walls.

These blocks are made from high-quality sand, pulverised fuel ash, and other components. They are also infused with a range of admixtures to alter curing time, increase compressive strength, and improve workability. Some are also painted to give them a more decorative appearance.

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