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What Raw Materials Affect the Strength of Foam Concrete

2022-01-13 16:24:21  Blog

The main components of foam concrete are: cement, foaming agent, aggregate, fly ash, admixture and water. When necessary, other ingredients can be used according to requirements, such as chopped fibers and organic polymers, which all affect the strength of foam concrete.

1. Cement: Cement is the main source of the strength of foamed concrete, and it is also the main factor affecting the strength of concrete. In order to maximize the strength, the dry density of foamed concrete has an optimal cement content. Due to inconsistent raw materials, different cement content will affect the strength of foam concrete. In the non-clean slurry system, as the amount of cement increases, the strength of the foamed concrete increases with the increase of the cement content, but after the optimal cement amount is exceeded, it will decrease with the increase of the cement amount. In the net cement slurry system, the amount of cement is relatively fixed, and the cement strength grade will have an impact on the strength of foam concrete. Portland cement series, with stable quality, low price and good durability, are currently widely used in the foam concrete industry.

2. Blowing agent: There are many materials that produce foam, but not all of the materials that can produce foam can be used as foaming agents. Only when it is mixed with mortar without cracking and with sufficient stability, without affecting the cementing material and hardened material, can it be used to prepare the foaming agent. Foamed concrete can be made into different densities, as long as the amount of foaming agent added is changed, the strength of foamed concrete will be different due to the introduction of foam.

3. Aggregate: The preparation of foam concrete aggregates is usually divided into three categories: ordinary aggregates, lightweight aggregates and ultra-light aggregates. According to the density and strength requirements of foam concrete, decide whether to use aggregate and which aggregate to use. The type and apparent density of aggregate have a significant impact on the strength of foam concrete. In order to ensure the density of foamed concrete, the use of lightweight aggregates can make the structure of the cement paste more compact than ordinary aggregates. The compressive strength of foamed concrete is usually low, and the damage usually occurs in the cement matrix with a lot of pores.

4. Fly ash: In view of its wide sources, low price, and certain activity, fly ash has become the preferred admixture for foam concrete admixtures. Fly ash can significantly improve the strength of foamed concrete and improve its forming effect.

5. Admixtures: The admixtures commonly used in foam concrete include dispersants, early strength agents, fast curing agents, waterproofing agents and water-repellent agents. Early strength agents and accelerators can accelerate the formation process and strength development of foam concrete structures, and improve the stability of the slurry structure.

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