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What is concrete superplasticizer and the performance

2022-01-13 16:30:50  Blog

The definition of concrete superplasticizer

Concrete superplasticizer is a concrete admixture that can reduce the water consumption for mixing while maintaining the slump of concrete basically unchanged. Most of them are anionic surfactants, such as lignosulfonate, naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde polymer and so on. After adding the concrete mixture, it can disperse the cement particles, which can improve its workability, reduce the unit water consumption, and improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture; or reduce the unit cement consumption and save cement.

Classification of concrete superplasticizer

The appearance form is divided into liquid and powder. The solid content of water is generally 20%, 40% (also called mother liquor), 60%, and the solid content of powder is generally 98%.

According to the water reducing and enhancing ability of superplasticizer, it is divided into ordinary cement superplasticizer (also known as plasticizer, water reducing rate is not less than 8%, represented by lignosulfonate), cement superplasticizer (also known as superplasticizer) Plasticizer, the water reduction rate is not less than 14%, including naphthalene, melamine, sulfamate, aliphatic, etc.) and high-performance superplasticizer (water reduction rate is not less than 25%, with polycarboxylic acid It is represented by superplasticizer), and is divided into early-strength type, standard type and retarded type. 

The concrete superplasticizer produced by our company is a high-efficiency superplasticizer, and the water-reducing rate is as high as 40%. 

Performance of concrete superplasticizer

1. Low dosage and high water reduction rate, the water reduction rate can be as high as 45%;

2. The slump loss over time is small, the slump loss rate of ready-mixed concrete is less than 5% in 1h, and less than 10% in 2h;

3. The enhancement effect is significant, the 3d compressive strength is increased by 50~110%, the 28d compressive strength is increased by 40~80%, and the 90d compressive strength is increased by 30~60%;

4. The concrete has excellent workability, no segregation and bleeding, and the appearance of the concrete is uniform in color. When used in the preparation of high-grade concrete, the concrete has good cohesion and is easy to mix;

5. Moderate air content, no adverse effect on the elastic modulus of concrete, and good frost resistance and durability;

6. It can reduce the early hydration heat of cement, which is conducive to mass concrete and summer construction;

7. Excellent adaptability, good compatibility of cement and admixtures, good temperature adaptability, and good compatibility with different types of cements and admixtures, which solves the problem of using other types of water-reducing agents and cementing materials. The problem of poor tolerance;

8. Low shrinkage, which can significantly reduce the shrinkage of concrete, and its freeze-thaw resistance and carbonization resistance are significantly better than ordinary concrete; significantly improve the volume stability and long-term durability of concrete;

9. The alkali content is extremely low, the alkali content is ≤0.2%, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of alkali-aggregate reactions

10. The product has good stability, no stratification or precipitation occurs in long-term storage, and no crystallization at low temperature;

11. The product is green and environmentally friendly, does not contain formaldehyde, and is an environmentally friendly product;

12. Good economic benefits, the overall project cost is lower than using other types of products, and 15-25% of cement can be saved under the same strength conditions. 

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