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How to Use Antifreeze in Foam Concrete in Winter

2022-01-13 16:23:31  Blog

In winter, we need to pay attention to a lot of things during the construction of our foam concrete, such as the temperature of our permeable concrete, its moderateness, and the weather conditions at the time. These are all things that need to be paid attention to. I will introduce you below. It is our anti-freezing measures when we construct foam concrete in winter. Do you know what our foam concrete anti-freezing measures are? Antifreeze, when using antifreeze, what things need to be known, these five points you need to know:

1. Foam concrete raw materials mixed with antifreeze must meet the requirements for winter use.

Portland cement or ordinary Portland cement should be the first choice for the cement used. Its level shall not be lower than 425. The use of high alumina cement is strictly prohibited.

2. When using antifreeze, pay attention to the method of doping.

Insoluble substances or salts with low solubility in antifreeze must be ground into powder and mixed with cement. When the solution needs to be prepared for use, it should be fully dissolved and stirred evenly, and its concentration and each addition amount should be strictly controlled. If composite antifreezes are used, their co-solubility should be considered. If they cannot be co-dissolved, they should be separately formulated into solutions and then added to the concrete. In order to accelerate the dissolution, the solution can be prepared with hot water at 40℃~60℃, and then added to the concrete separately. If the antifreeze is affected by moisture and agglomeration, the antifreeze should be added in powder form and passed through a 0.63 mm sieve before use.

3. Strictly control the dose. According to the minimum daily temperature of -10°C, 15°C and -20°C, antifreeze with the specified temperature of -5°C, 10°C and -15°C can be used respectively.

The dosage of different antifreezes varies greatly, and improper dosage has a great influence on the performance of concrete. Excessive amount will cause the foamed concrete to set too quickly, causing construction difficulties, serious salt precipitation on the surface of the components, affecting the quality of exterior wall decoration, and excessive amount will also reduce the strength of the concrete, which will not increase after being transferred to room temperature for curing. If the amount is insufficient, the concrete structure will freeze. At present, it is gradually developing in the direction of low alkali content and low dosage, which is beneficial to prevent the harm of alkali aggregate reaction to concrete.

4. Compared with the concrete without antifreeze, the mixing time of the antifreeze concrete should be extended by 50% to ensure that the antifreeze is evenly distributed in the concrete and the concrete strength is consistent. Try to shorten the transportation and watering time. In order to improve the early strength of concrete, the temperature of concrete entering the formwork shall not be lower than -5°C.

5. The concrete containing air-entraining compound antifreeze should be cured by the negative temperature method, and steam curing is not allowed. Steam curing not only reduces the strength of concrete, but also reduces its durability.

After the foamed concrete is poured, it should be immediately covered on the public appearance, but no watering is allowed. The initial curing temperature shall not be lower than the specified temperature of the antifreeze. When the temperature of the concrete is lower than the specified temperature of the antifreeze, the critical strength of the concrete should reach 3.5MPa, otherwise heat preservation measures must be taken.

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