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What is Foam stabilizer?

2023-07-21 10:34:00  Blog

What is a Foam stabilizer?

Foam stabilizer, or concrete foam stabilizer, is the most important foam stabilizing component in foam agents.

Among the various factors to stabilize the foam, the foam stabilizer is the first influencing factor.

It is usually added to foaming agents and can also be added to the slurry of foamed concrete batching.

Features of Foam stabilizer

1. This product can extend the life of the bubble.

2. This product can improve the adaptability of foam and cement slurry.

3. This product can reduce the outflow rate of foam.

4. This product can improve the foam uniformity and indirectly stabilize the foam.

5. This product can affect the density of the foam.

What is Foam stabilizer used for?

Foam stabilizers can be applied to the physical and chemical foaming of lightweight concrete and can improve the toughness of the foam wall.

They make pores fine and uniform, and when the system is in the low viscosity stage, it makes the pore wall stable/the pore can grow to a thickness suitable for the opening of the hole, creating conditions for the final opening of the hole.

The type of foam is different, and the type of stabilizer used is also different, and its main role is to nucleate and emulsify the various components in the formula.

The compatibility of various components in the foam formulation is not good, so a stabilizer with a strong emulsifying capacity is needed to emulsify and mix them.

1. This product can be used to make foam cement insulation boards.

2. This product can be used to make light partition boards.

3. This product can be used to make Self-Insulating blocks.

4. This product can be used to make aerated concrete blocks.

5. This product can be used to make carbon fiber silicon fire insulation boards.

6. This product can be used to make homogeneous foam boards.

7. This product can be used to make porous bricks.

8. This product can be used to make lightly poured walls.

Foam stabilizer Supplier

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