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What is concrete anti-cracking agent?

2023-05-17 15:28:05  Blog

What is concrete anti-cracking agent? 

The concrete anti-cracking agent is a kind of additive which can delay the occurrence and expansion of concrete cracks and enhance the crack resistance of concrete.

 After adding concrete, it can change the microstructure of concrete, reduce the brittleness of concrete, improve the tensile strength and crack resistance of concrete, and reduce the occurrence of cracks in concrete.

Scope of application of concrete anti-cracking agent

1. Waterproofing works for underground facilities, roofs, exterior walls, bathroom rooms and kitchens of industrial and civil buildings.

2. Waterproofing works such as urban, comprehensive pipe corridors, tap water and sewage treatment in municipal public works.

3. Waterproofing works such as dams and underground construction facilities in water conservancy and hydropower projects.

4. military industry, nuclear power, coal mine, salt lake and other projects, shotcrete waterproofing and anticorrosion.

Advantages of anti-cracking agent for concrete

1. Improve concrete and workability.

Workability means that fresh cement concrete is easy to operate in various construction procedures (mixing, transportation, pouring, tamping, etc.) and can obtain uniform quality and compacted properties, which includes fluidity, cohesion and water retention.

And good workability, easy to fill formwork, concrete is not easy to appear as a honeycomb, hole or hemp surface.

2. Solve the problem of temperature shrinkage cracking.

The change in internal and external temperatures of concrete causes concrete temperature crack.

When the concrete is just poured, it is in a state of plastic flow, and a large amount of hydration heat will be produced in the process of hydration reaction and setting, which makes the volume expand freely. When it reaches the highest temperature, the concrete solidifies, and then it cools down and contracts to produce cracks.

In the place where the concrete is in contact with the rock foundation, the shrinkage of the concrete is restrained by the rock foundation to produce a larger tensile stress, which will lead to foundation penetrating cracks and deep cracks; in case of cold wave, the temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large, and the deformation is restricted by internal concrete. Concrete will appear as surface cracks.

The measures to prevent cracks in concrete improve the quality of concrete and control the temperature of concrete.

Through the anti-cracking agent of the inner concrete, the internal and external temperature of the concrete is almost the same, and temperature shrinkage cracking is avoided.

3. Improve compressive and tensile strength.

By adding concrete anti-cracking agent, 28 compressive strength can be increased by 10%, tensile strength can be increased by 11%, the ultimate tensile value of concrete can be increased, the toughness of concrete can be improved, and concrete cracking can be better avoided.

4. Instead of an expansive agent, pumping agent and fibre.

Through many engineering practices, the later cracking of concrete mixed with an expansive agent is more serious. Although fibre provides the cracking resistance of concrete to a certain extent, it affects workability.

After adding TRUNNANO inorganic nano anti-cracking agent, based on no influence and workability, the anti-cracking ability is improved; at the same time, the pumping agent can be saved, and the collapse loss is less than 2CM within 2 hours.

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