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What is water-based release agent for concrete?

2023-03-15 12:23:13  Blog

What is water-based release agent for concrete?

The water-based release agent is also a water-soluble release agent, that is, the internal components of the release agent can be completely soluble in water.

The emulsion of methyl silicone oil and other compounds is generally used in industry, and the emulsion is water-soluble and can be obtained.

It has the characteristics of high heat resistance, easy cleaning, good corrosion resistance and fire resistance, less environmental pollution, safe transportation and storage and so on.

Five performance characteristics of Water-based release Agent for concrete.

If the release agent is not applied on the formwork before pouring, it is easy to stick to the concrete surface after pouring, and it is not easy to disassemble the formwork, which will affect the finish of the concrete surface.

Therefore, it is very important to use the concrete pouring wall to apply release agent on the construction formwork.

The five properties of concrete release agent are introduced as follows:

1. Water-based polymer composite formula environmental protection products.

2.Non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable and easy to use.

3. It has excellent isolation performance and easy mold removal.

4. Protective formwork with rapid film formation and water erosion resistance.

5. The concrete surface is clean, smooth and pollution-free.

Water-based concrete release agent is developed for all kinds of steel formwork, wood formwork, bamboo plywood, plastic board and concrete Mesa in the market.

The high efficiency concrete release agent is made of waterborne polymer film-forming material as the main agent and a variety of active auxiliaries through scientific processing technology.

With stable products and superior performance, it is a necessary high-performance concrete demoulding material for creating high-quality engineering.

Construction method of concrete release agent.

First of all, mix evenly before using the concrete release agent, and then spray or brush on the dry and clean formwork.

Then the coating thickness should be uniform, too thin affects the demoulding effect, too thick is not economical, for steel formwork generally per kilogram release agent can be painted more than 25 square meters.

20 minutes after brushing the release agent, the concrete can be poured after the release agent forms a film on the surface of the formwork.

Concrete water-based release agent can well protect the formwork and prolong the service life of the formwork.

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