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Why Bakeries Use a Release Agent

2023-05-06 16:00:03  Blog

About release agent

release agents are substances that provide an easy separation of a baked product (bread or confectionary products) and its baking material (tin, trays or conveyer belts). A good release ensures that the baked goods will come out cleanly, without sticking, and in perfect condition.

In bakeries, the release agents create a film on the surface of the mold or baking tray before the dough is applied. This film must remain intact during the baking process, even at high temperatures, to make sure that the baked goods will come out easily, without sticking and in perfect condition.

Why should bakeries use a release agent?

A good release agent means that the baked goods will come out cleanly, even when using hot baking moulds and tins. This helps to save costs in your production process, keep a clean working environment and provide convenience and reliability in your business.

Form release agents prevent the adhesion of concrete to a form surface, typically plywood or overlaid plywood, steel or aluminum. They are available in two basic forms: barrier and reactive.

Depending on the application, form release agents can be used in spray or powder format. They are also referred to as “form oils” and can be applied in a variety of ways, including by hand or roller.

Rubber mold release agents are designed to make it easier to remove rubber parts from a mold while preventing the substrate from adhering to the mold, which can damage the part and slow down production. They also help to extend the life of the mold by minimizing surface fouling and reducing cleaning needs.

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