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Cellular Concrete and Its Many Uses

2023-04-10 12:25:02  Blog

cellular concrete is a lightweight, insulating concrete that can be used for many applications. It can be poured over a roof to prevent heat from escaping and improve the roof's resistance to shear forces. It can also be used to form flooring.

The cellular structure of the material makes it easy to flow, encapsulate, level and self-seal. It is also a good fire-resistant and acoustic material.

Lightweight insulation:

One inch of standard concrete has an R-value of only 0.07, but cellular concrete has an R-value as high as 2.0 per inch. This helps to keep a building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing for more energy efficiency.

Filling voids:

When slabs and footings must be raised by means of helical or push piers, cellular concrete is a popular material to fill the voids. This void filling can be done quickly and effectively, reducing costs for the project.

Slab repair:

When a concrete slab needs to be repaired, cellular concrete is an effective skim-coating treatment that results in a new surface that's smooth and long wearing. It is an excellent alternative to screening or screeding the old surface.

Soil Remediation:

When poor subsoil conditions exist, cellular concrete is an ideal solution to create a strong base while reducing the burden on the soil. It is also an excellent void filling material for sinkholes, wells, tunnels and cisterns.

Void Filling:

When a foundation is excavated, cellular concrete is often used as the fill material instead of native soil, because it offers improved drainage and reduces lateral load on the foundation wall. It is especially useful when expansive clay soil is present.

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