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What Is a Release Agent?

2023-06-27 15:00:03  Blog

A release agent is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces. release agents can be applied in industrial papermaking to lubricate process rolls, like yankee dryers, and in the die casting or metal forging of aluminum, cast iron, magnesium and other metals. The use of a release agent is crucial to the quality and consistency of manufactured products.

Form release agents are applied to the surface of formwork (typically plywood, overlaid plywood, steel or aluminium) that creates the shape of a structure in precast manufacturing. They prevent the concrete from adhering to the forming surface, which helps ensure a clean and quality concrete surface when the form is removed. There are two types of form release agents: barrier and reactive. Barrier releases generate a physical film or barrier between the forming surface and the concrete; they are typically solvent-based.

Reactive forms contain compounds that react with the agents in fresh concrete to form an interface material that prevents adhesion. They are typically water-based and applied by wiping, brushing or spraying.

Finding an ideal mold release agent takes time and experimentation. One that offers complete coverage, easy release and minimal residue is key to an efficient production process. Momentive’s silicone mold release agents offer these qualities and many others including resistance to heat, chemicals and low surface energy. These advantages reduce the number of re-applications, product transfer and post molding cleaning – saving on production costs.

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