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Cellular Concrete

2023-06-29 21:40:03  Blog

cellular concrete is a cementitious mixture with a relatively low oven-dry density. The mixture contains Portland cement, water and preformed foam that looks like shaving cream, which is varied in quantity to control the unit weight of the mix. cellular concrete is similar to other lightweight cementitious materials such as aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC), but differs in that the material uses externally generated foam rather than chemically produced air within the slurry itself to reduce density.

The construction sector is driving growth of the cellular concrete market as a result of its fire and mold-resistance, cost effectiveness, and ease of use and placement. The infrastructure sector follows suit with rising demand for road sub-bases, tunnel grouting and pipe backfill.

With its extremely light weight, cellular concrete can be placed with minimal load on existing soils. This makes it the ideal material for void filling, utility trench backfill and tunnel grouting. It can also be used as a substitute for flowable fill or geofoam in road construction.

In addition to its structural and environmental benefits, cellular concrete can be carved and shaped to create unique architectural features such as walls, columns, beams and slabs. It can even be poured into formwork to create sculptural forms.

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