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CLC Foam Generator

2023-06-30 01:50:03  Blog

clc foam generator – a machine that produces foaming agents used for making foam concrete and other light aggregate products. It is very useful in reducing cement consumption and making it more environment-friendly. The clc block foam concrete machinery is very popular in the construction industry due to its excellent performance, high reliability, low cost and low energy consumption. clc foam generators are available in stationary and mobile versions for use on construction sites or in workshops.

The cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) blocks are widely used in load bearing walls, non-load bearing wall and portion walls in all types of commercial and industrial projects all over the world. This is due to its light weight-density of only 75 kg/m3, its thermal and sound insulation properties, and also the fact that it can be used in any climate.

To produce CLC, the mixture design is made up of foaming agent, PCC cement, sand and silica fume (SF). The addition of SF in the mixture increases the strength of the CLC bricks but decreases the density. The test results showed that the SF-CLC bricks have satisfactory performance and met the required standard, based on the sludge content testing, specific gravity testing, moisture content testing, volume weight testing, organic content testing and fineness modulus tests of three specimens each at 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after curing.

The clc foaming agent is a chemical product that works by reacting with water to form air pockets. It is a highly concentrated product with the ability to make the desired quantity of foam in the shortest possible time, and can be mixed with any other dry materials to prepare the CLC mixtures. Its dosing is based on mix design, process and aggregate type but a typical dosage is 1 liter of foam guard per 25-30 liter of water.

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