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Foam Cement and Prefabricated Steel Frame Foam Cement Wall Board

2022-04-06 10:33:15  Blog

Introduction and Production Method of Foam Cement

Foam cement, or foam concrete, is a new building energy-saving material that is more active in the construction field in recent years. It is a porous material. So how is that produced? Firstly, the foaming agent aqueous solution is prepared to make foams by mechanical method. And then the foam is added to the slurry composed of siliceous materials, calcareous materials, water, and other admixtures. After mixing, pouring, and natural curing, foam concrete is finished. Foam cement is lightweight and has the characteristics of heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and fire resistance. It has been widely used in energy-saving wall materials.


Introduction and Production Method of Foamed Magnesite Cement

Foamed magnesite cement is a new type of light fire insulation material with a large number of closed pores. It is widely used in the production of foamed magnesite products such as fireproof door core boards, light partition boards, exterior wall insulation boards, foamed fireproof boards, etc. In the process of production, the foaming agent is firstly poured into the foam machine to make foam. Then the foam is evenly mixed with modified magnesium cementitious material. The mixture is then poured into the mold. After a period of natural curing, foamed magnesite cement is formed.


Introduction of Foam Machine

A foam machine is equipment that can turn the foaming agent aqueous solution into foams. The foaming agent itself cannot become foam automatically, it can only be foamed with the help of the mechanical action of the foam machine. The foam machine is actually an aerator. It introduces air into the foaming agent aqueous solution and makes the air evenly dispersed, in order to achieve as large a liquid-gas contact interface as possible, so that the surface-active substances in the foaming agent form a double electron layer on the liquid film surface and surround the air, through which a lot of bubbles are formed. 


Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Frame Foam Cement Wall Board 

1. short construction time, long service life;

2. volume production, guaranteed quality of construction, less construction waste;

3. high safety and strong earthquake resistance;

4. energy saving, labor-saving, and environmentally friendly.


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