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Foam Generators for Leak Detection

2022-10-28 09:22:52  Blog

The Foam Generator Model 1-965-42 is the answer to time-sensitive and high volume portable leak detection jobs. It is able to test a 200 MW condenser in less than three hours, making it ideal for large-scale leak detection projects. Its small footprint and low operating cost make it the ideal solution for leak detection jobs in a variety of industries.

High Expansion

A high expansion foam generator is a device that expands a solution into millions of tiny bubbles. This type of generator can be installed in two different positions: vertically and horizontally. It does not require any external power source. It can generate foam up to a height of eight to ten meters or 26 to 33 feet.

High expansion foam generators are especially designed to fight fires in large enclosed spaces. This type of system is suitable for fixed fire protection installations, and is designed to produce significant amounts of foam in a short period of time. There are three models of high expansion foam generators available on the market today.

foaming agent


The Turbopen foam generator is an important piece of equipment in fire extinguishing installations. Its wide irrigation area and expanded range of functions make it an effective choice in hazardous production facilities and stationary installations. In addition, this type of fire extinguishing system is compatible with firefighters. The Turbopen medium expansion foam generator comes in a variety of variations, including one that is equipped with an oscillator for higher firefighting efficiency, especially in warehouse fires involving combustible materials.

It can be sized for a wide variety of production rates and is compatible with batch and continuous mixing systems. The M4B model, for instance, offers a discharge rate of one Nm 3 per minute. It also features an adjustable expansion rate and a splitting system for more efficient foam dispersal.


The CHEMGUARD foam generator is a powerful device that expands foam solution to create millions of tiny bubbles. Depending on the unit's size and operating pressure, it can produce up to 940 gallons of expanded foam per gallon of solution. For maximum foam output, a continuous flow of foam solution is required.

The CHEMGUARD foam generator is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. It is made from an all-brass construction that makes it suitable for use in harsh environments. The foam generators come with stainless steel mesh air inlets and outlets.

Super Vac

The Super Vac High Expansion Foam Generator attaches to the Super Vac PPV (16"-30") and the Smoke Ejector/Industrial Exhauster (16"-24"). It produces fan foam up to 1000:1 expansion rate, and is ideal for tough extinguishing situations. This foam generator is perfect for oil and mining operations, shop-hold areas, and scenes involving flammable liquids.

The 16-inch version is the most common for fire service. It features a square housing that gives it added strength and stability. It also has handles at each corner for easy stacking or hanging. The propeller is made from a special aluminum alloy and is balanced for long life. 

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