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What are the advantages of foam concrete roof insulation?

2022-10-29 08:51:54  Blog

1 Stable thermal performance.

Foamed concrete for roofing is mostly 100% cement as dry material, which is an one-component product with stable thermal performance.

The thermal conductivity of foamed concrete is 0.06~0.16w/m and the thermal resistance is high.

The thermal conductivity of the product can be controlled by adjusting the ratio after calculation according to the design. The control process is easy and the performance is stable.


2 Higher strength.

Foam concrete is a kind of high strength thermal insulation material with compressive strength of 0.25~1.50Mpa and bulk density of the finished product 320~1200kg/m3. According to the engineering requirements, the strength and bulk density of foamed concrete can be controlled by changing the ratio of raw materials, and the process is easy to control.

Using foamed concrete as roof insulation material, especially the upper roof insulation material, has its unique advantages.

It completely solves the advantages of insufficient strength and short service life of thermal insulation materials.

3 The water absorption rate is small.

Foam concrete contains a large number of independent bubbles, and the distribution is uniform, and the overall water permeability of the material is small.

4 The difficulty of construction is low.

Foam concrete on-site operation, an equipment of 4 people, Nissan 65-120m3, no need to occupy other supporting equipment, fast construction speed.

5 The fluidity of construction is good.

Foamed concrete has unique liquid and tough foaming, strong fluidity, long-distance pumping, strong injection ability, high degree of mechanization, hose pumping and direct pouring.

6 Long service life.

Foam concrete has good integrity, is closely combined with the main project, does not need to leave boundary gap and vent pipe, has low elastic modulus, and is not easy to produce hollow cracking.

The service life is 50 years, which is basically the same as that of the main body.

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