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How to Choose a Cement Foaming Machine

2021-06-29 09:29:08  Blog

What is a cement foaming machine?

Cement foaming machine, also known as foam generator, is a machine that makes cement foaming agent into foam. Is the machine that can make foam the cement foaming machine? the answer is negative. If you just want to make foam, there are many ways to achieve it, such as mechanical stirring. For example, in the early days, everyone directly added the foaming agent to the mixer to stir the foam, and there was also the use of a stirrer to stir the foam, but no one would stir it. The device is said to be a foaming machine. There is also a blower blowing bubble, which can not be called a foaming machine, so it is not a foaming machine that can foam. In the past, the use of these two methods to make foam was very common, and only with the development of technology has a real cement foaming machine. Before purchasing a cement foaming machine, you must understand what a real cement foaming machine is.

How to choose a cement foaming machine?

An important condition that can really be called a cement foaming machine is: it can be stably made into uniform, low moisture content and stable foam. The following is an introduction to the factors to be considered when purchasing a cement foaming machine:

1. The foam output of the cement foaming machine. The foam production of the cement foaming machine is an index to measure its efficiency. The foam production of the general cement foaming machine is 15m3/h, and the higher output is 30m3/h. Beijing Yashe Zk-FP-50 Cement Foaming The bubble volume produced by the machine is 50m3/h. Choosing a high-output cement foaming machine is not only to increase efficiency, but also to shorten the foaming time, reduce foam breakage during the mixing process, and reduce connected holes.

2. Utilization rate of cement foaming agent. A good cement foaming machine also has a higher utilization rate of cement foaming agent. The higher the utilization rate of cement foaming agent, the more foaming agent will be saved. How to measure utilization? It is very simple, that is, by measuring the density of the produced foam under the same conditions, the lower the density, the lower the moisture content, and the higher the utilization rate of the cement foaming agent.

3. Stability of the foam produced. Generally, the foam produced is uniform, without connecting bubbles, and the stability of the foam with thick wall is good. On the contrary, the stability of the bubble is poor.

4. Convenience of operation. A good cement foaming machine is basically a "dumb" operation. There are still some models on the market that require artificial control of the water intake and air intake, and some even have additional meters, which looks very complicated, but in fact they are just fooling people.

5. Failure rate. Whether a machine is easy to use depends on whether the failure rate is low. How to reduce the failure rate actually depends on the conscience of the business, which requires the selection of good accessories. Take the air compressor used in the foaming machine as an example. A good air compressor with the same efficiency costs a few thousand yuan, while an ordinary one is only a few hundred yuan. The price difference is 10 times. Therefore, the choice of a machine with a low failure rate must depend on the pros and cons of the accessories and the reputation of the manufacturer.

6. After-sales service. See if there is after-sales service and later technical support. With good technical support and after-sales service, this has added value, which is not only buying a machine, but also technology. For a company with after-sales service, the quality must be reliable.

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