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How to Make AirCrete With a Foam Generator

2023-07-11 08:43:00  Blog

A foam generator (Little Dragon or DragonXL) is essential for anyone looking to make AirCrete. There are several different kinds of foam machines on the market, but the important thing is to get the quality right. You need a high-quality, specialized soap solution to work with, something like degreasing dish detergent. Once you have the right soap mixture, you can use your foam generator to pump the mix into molds.

foam generators work by forcing a mixture of foam solution and air through a stainless steel screen with a water powered fan. This allows a large volume of foam bubbles to be produced with a high ratio of expansion, which is very important for fire control and extinguishment. These units can also be used to create confined space fire fighting solutions for mining and ship hold areas, as well as controlling fuel spill fires and wildland fire timber breaks.

When making your foam for the concrete, it is important to mix the soap and air mixture correctly. This is critical as the foam has to be very consistent in order for it to hold up when mixed into the concrete. Start with a quart container of your mix and weigh it on a scale to get an idea of the weight. The mixture should be around 3 ounces per quart or 80 grams per liter.

Then using a foam generator or Little Dragon type machine, mix the foam and air mixture through the wand and pump it into your concrete mixes. Mix the foam and concrete mixture for about 2 minutes. This is enough time to get the mixture to a nice smooth consistency and it should be ready for your molds at this point. Do not mix it longer as this will destroy the bubbles and weaken the foam.

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