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How to Make a Foam Generator

2023-07-01 04:00:03  Blog

A foam generator is a device that uses a mixture of water, soap or detergent, and air to produce a thick stream of foam. These devices can be used to clean automobiles, boats, motorcycles, houses and even roofs and driveways. They are especially useful for pressure washers because they can help to remove dirt, grease and mud easily.

National Foam’s HI-EX water powered high expansion foam generators achieve an average of 350 to 600 gallons of foam for every one gallon of the foam solution used, depending on the unit selected, foam solution flow rate and operating pressure. This high ratio of expansion allows the foam to effectively encapsulate and hold dirt, rust, pollen, bug proteins and other contaminants. This allows the cleaning solutions to remain on the vehicle longer, while breaking down road film and reducing chemical usage.

Imen Tiar mechanical foam generators utilize a simple, easy to use method of foam production whereby the foaming agent is forced into a stainless steel screen with a compressed air stream, which in turn produces a consolidated jet of foam. The foam produced by this method is uniform and stable in the field and does not require a continuous supply of electric, gasoline or diesel power.

Unlike most DIY projects, making a foam generator is very inexpensive and requires a minimum of tools and materials. This project is an excellent way to pass the time for kids, or to simply entertain guests at parties. The equipment needed to make the foam generator is easily available at most hardware stores and even most home improvement centers.

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