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2023-03-03 13:10:02  Blog

Iron is an important mineral, essential for the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells and various heme enzymes. It is also an essential component of non heme proteins such as cytochromes and peroxidases. It is necessary for cellular metabolism and nutrient absorption.

In a solid state, iron exists with a body-centered cubic lattice (the a form) at room temperature. At about 910degC the a form is transformed into the g allotrope, a close-packed crystal structure. A body-centered cubic lattice forms again at 1390degC, called the d form.

A variety of iron salts, including ferrous salts, are used as food antioxidants and nutrient enhancers. They are odorless and do not discolor or add taste.

The most common commercially available ferrous salts are sodium iron sulfate, ferric chloride, nitrate, phosphate, and pyrophosphate. These are primarily used to fortify food products, particularly flour, pasta and cereals.

Iron powder can be produced by a variety of methods, such as iron ore reduction, iron scale reduction and other chemical-powder reduction. These methods vary in the properties of the iron powder, such as loose density, liquidity, formability, particle shape and sinterability. The main uses of iron powder include structural parts, electrodes, metal cutting and other cheap and low cost applications. Damp reunion may affect the performance and using effects of the iron powder, so it should be kept in cool and dry place. American Elements supplies high purity iron dust in granular or finely ground forms for use in a variety of sputtering target preparation applications.

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