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Foaming Agent Used in Concrete

2023-03-22 16:10:03  Blog

Foaming agent is used in concrete for producing lightweight structural elements. It is made up by a mix of cement, fly ash and diluted foaming agents.

Lightweight and sound proof foaming concrete is a new technology for making lightweight structures which can be used in building construction, highways and other infrastructure. This foaming concrete is insulated and has high strength after curing.

The w/c ratio is one of the important parameters that affects the properties of foam concrete. This ratio is the proportion of water to concrete that produces the desired workability and density of the concrete mixture.

Increasing the w/c ratio of a foam concrete mixture increases its ability to absorb water. However, pore size and distribution of pores also play a role in water absorption. The greater the pore diameter and number of connections, the more water can be absorbed into the foam.

Pore size is another factor that determines the compressive strength of foam concrete. When the pore size is too large, air can be trapped inside the concrete mixture. This is a reason why pozzolanic aggregates are often used in foam concrete.

The use of coir fiber can also decrease the thermal conductivity of foam concrete [60]. This is due to its high heat resistance and its ability to form uniform air voids in concrete.

Protein-based foaming agents have been found to produce smaller and homogeneous air spaces at high foam concrete densities [8]. SS-containing foam concrete has been shown to possess thicker pore walls and less connections than AS and PS-containing foams, enabling it to exhibit higher compressive strength, lower water absorption and stronger frost resistance [36].

For the production of foam concrete, a proper formulation and equipment are required. These are crucial for achieving efficient and cost-effective production.

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