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The 3 matters needing attention in the use of mold release agents in winter construction

2023-12-29 10:58:01  Blog

The rational use of release agents can effectively improve the appearance and durability of concrete. 

With the increasing use of mold release agents, some suggestions on the use of mold release agents are put forward in order to give full play to the application effect of mold release agents. 

About dilution of mold release agent with water

Try to use a clean water dilution release agent; conditional use of softening water is best. 

Minerals such as metal ions in groundwater react with some auxiliaries in the release agent to produce insoluble and floating substances, which leads to the deterioration of the effect of the release agent and the difficulty of normal spraying to affect the construction quality. 

In winter construction, this point should be paid more attention to. With the decrease in temperature, the auxiliaries in the release agent have the phenomenon of flocculation and agglomeration, which leads to the deterioration of the solubility of the release agent. During the on-site construction, the release agent can be diluted with warm water. Or follow the step of adding water step by step (first 1 part of the release agent 0.3 parts of water is stirred evenly, and then the rest of the water is added) to ensure the normal mixing of the release agent. 

In addition, in the case of low temperature, the emulsifying activity of the auxiliaries in the release agent decreases, which makes the insoluble matter more obvious, so when the temperature is low, the probability of insoluble matter in the water release agent becomes higher. 

Spraying water-containing release agents is not recommended when the temperature is below 5 ℃. The main reason is that the separation film can not be formed normally after the release agent is applied. 

About spraying, painting and brushing of mold release agent. 

Release agents in the concrete solidification process will affect the hydration process of cement. Too much release agent may affect the normal setting of cement, seriously leading to direct pulverization of cement. 

In the process of construction, the dilution ratio of the release agent should be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the parts of the mold which are easy to accumulate liquid should be scrubbed in time. 

During the construction in winter, the concrete admixture should be adjusted in time to avoid mold contamination due to the failure of normal solidification of concrete in the corresponding time; in addition, the dilution ratio of the release agent and the type of release agent should also be adjusted accordingly. 

For the facade mold, the dilution ratio of the release agent in winter should be lower than that in summer because the adhesion ability and film-forming ability of the release agent become worse when the temperature is low. 

For flat molds, a release agent with stronger isolation performance should be used in winter to prevent concrete from touching the formwork directly before it is completely hardened. 

About before concrete pouring

For general water-based release agents, concrete should be poured after the release agent is dried into a film, such as after the milky white of the water-based release agent fades completely. 

If the release agent is not completely dry, the isolation can not be brought into full play, the complete isolation layer can not be formed, and the isolation film is uneven, which leads to the difficulty of concrete molding or uneven surface color of concrete. 

In the process of winter construction, the release agent should be sprayed at the time of the highest temperature or sprayed first and then smeared to ensure the normal film formation of the release agent to play the best demolding effect.

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