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The important role of redispersible latex powder in mortar

2023-10-19 17:25:31  Blog

What is dispersible latex powder?

This kind of powder can be quickly dispersed into an emulsion after contact with water. Because the re-dispersible latex powder has high bonding ability and unique properties, such as water resistance, construction, and thermal insulation, they have a wide range of applications. 

The role in wet mortar. 

Improve construction performance. 

Improve flow performance. 

Increase thixotropy and sag resistance. 

Improve cohesion. 

Extend the opening hours. 

Enhance water retention. 

The function of mortar after solidification. 

Improve the tensile strength. 

Increase the bending strength. 

Reduce elastic modulus. 

Improve deformability. 

Increase the compactness of materials. 

Increase wear resistance. 

Increase the strength of cohesion. 

Reduce carbonization depth. 

Reduce the water absorption of materials. 

Make the material have excellent water enhancement (add water-increasing glue powder). 

Parameters of Redispersible polymer powder VAE powder

AppearanceWhite powder
Solid content(wt%)≥98.0
Bulk density(g/L)300-500
Particle size325 mesh
Minimum film forming temperature0~5℃

Application of re-dispersible latex powder

Masonry mortar and plastering mortar: latex powder has good impermeability, water retention, frost resistance, and high bonding strength, which can effectively solve the quality problems such as cracking and infiltration between traditional masonry mortar masonry. 

Self-leveling mortar and floor material: latex powder has high strength, good cohesion/adhesion, and required flexibility. 

It can improve the adhesion, wear resistance, and water retention of the materials. 

It can bring excellent rheology, construction, and self-smoothing for ground self-leveling mortar and leveling mortar. 

Ceramic tile binder, ceramic tile sewing agent: latex powder has good adhesion, good water retention, long opening time, flexibility, sag resistance, and good freeze-thaw resistance. 

It can bring high adhesion, high slip resistance, and good construction operation for ceramic tile adhesive, thin layer ceramic tile adhesive, and joint filler. 

Waterproof mortar: latex powder enhances the bond strength of all substrates, reduces elastic modulus, increases water retention, and reduces water permeation. For products with high flexibility, high weather resistance, and high waterproof requirements, it provides a lasting effect on the sealing system with hydrophobicity and waterproofing requirements. 

External wall external thermal insulation mortar: latex powder in the external wall external thermal insulation system enhances the cohesion of the mortar and the bonding force of the insulation board, for you to seek heat preservation while reducing energy consumption. 

The external thermal insulation mortar products achieve the necessary workability, flexural strength, and flexibility, which can make your mortar products have good bonding performance with a series of thermal insulation materials and base layers. 

At the same time, it also helps to improve the impact resistance and surface cracking resistance. 

Repair mortar: latex powder has flexibility, shrinkage, high adhesion, suitable bending strength, and tensile strength. 

Make the repair mortar meet the above requirements and be used for the repair of structural and non-structural concrete. 

Interface mortar: latex powder is mainly used to deal with the surface of concrete, aerated concrete, lime sand brick, and fly ash brick. 


The package is made of a polypropylene woven bag lined with a polyethylene inner bag, and the net weight of each bag is 25kg. 

Store it in an indoor ventilated and dry place and pay attention to moistureproof. 

Pay attention to rain and sun protection during transportation.

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