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Water-based foam stabilizer

2023-11-03 11:53:54  Blog

What is Foam stabilizer

Foam stabilizers are great because they give your handmade bag body stability and an overall professional finish. (I use stabilizers for my Saddlebag, Nappy bag, and Bookbag Backpack patterns, for example). If you are making a small or medium-sized bag and don't require a thick foam stabilizer, you can iron fusible interfacing to all of the bag pieces (body and flaps, etc.) first, and use polar fleece, sew-in compressed fleece. The invention further provides the preparation method and an application of the water-based foam stabilizer. The surfactant A can be adsorbed in a gas-liquid interface to stabilize foams; the coverage degree of the gas-liquid interface is high, a formed foam liquid membrane is high in liquid holding capacity, and the foams have high instability. They are used in the water-based foam system, taking nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, air, flue gas, decarbonized flue gas, and the like as gas phases, and the excellent foam stability can be kept even if the carbon dioxide is adopted as foaming gas or under the severe conditions that raw oil exists and the like.


The present invention relates to a kind of water base foam stabilizing agent

The present invention relates to a kind of water-based foam stabilizing agent and preparation method, and there is the water-based foam system of ultra stability, belonging to the technical fields such as oilfield chemistry, detergents, and cosmetic and ore dressing. Foam is a polydisperse system in gas and liquid mix, wherein liquid is a continuous phase, and gas is a decentralized photo. Water-based foam is widely used in our daily life in cosmetics of everyday use such as shampoo, toothpaste, mild wash, shower creams, and all frothy applications in food and drinks such as beer, coffee, and ice cream. The existence of foam has improved the quality of the product, has improved mouthfeel, skinfeel, or the aesthetic feeling of the product. People also utilize foam to put out a fire, and foam can produce a cover layer effect, reduce the generation of fuel gas, contribute to starvation, and cool the fuel surface. At the industrial circle, can utilize different materials in the different adsorption capacities of foam surface to carry out the separating-purifying of material, such as utilizing foam to carry out mineral floating, ion flotation, etc., due to the different hydrophilic and hydrophobic of different materials or different electrically, there are different adsorption abilities, thereby effectively different separating substances comes. Foam has also been applied to oil fields and has improved the oil recovery factor. Main application technology comprises foam drilling, foam flooding, foam profile control water block-off, foam acidizing, foamed cement well cementation, foam fracturing, foam sand wash well-flushing, etc. In addition, foam can also be used for covering, be applied to prevent dust in building trade, etc., in national defense.


Water-based foam stabilizer

The current energy crisis is a challenge that the whole world faces, and the application of intensified oil reduction technology attracts attention. And wherein foam flooding technology is because having multiple performances such as profile control, washing oil, and raising recovery ratio is effective, Technology Potential is large, is causing increasing attention. For example, CN102703052A provides a kind of foam system that is applicable to oil field profile control and the displacement of reservoir oil. The foam system has liquids and gases two parts; gas is carbon dioxide, nitrogen, natural gas, etc., and liquid consists of surfactant 0.10.5wt%, foam stabilizer (ammonium stearate, OA-12) 0.050.4wt%, thickener 0.080.4wt%, inorganic salts 0.051.2wt%, water is residue content. In the foam profile control flooding method, under injection pressure, gas is 0.4: 11: 1 with a liquid volume ratio. The foam system of this invention has superpower foaming properties and ultralow interfacial tension simultaneously. The foam profile is successful after polymer flooding, recovery ratio improves. In the actual application of foam, generally needed, the foam is produced to ensure ultra stability. Conventionally adopted at present surfactant as blowing agent, the stability of the water base foam forming often can not meet the demands well, particularly in the situation of carbon dioxide as foamed gas; the stability of the water base foam that surfactant is stable is not high enough, has had a strong impact on the effect of correlation technique. Such as adopting flue gas capturing carbon dioxide for foam flooding is a kind of economic benefit and very outstanding new technology social benefit, but carbon dioxide foaming has poor stability, makes the effect of this technology and the stability to improve water base foam is the technical barrier of being badly in need of solution.


Price of Foam stabilizer

Foam stabilizer particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Foam stabilizer. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Foam stabilizer is on our company's official website.


Foam stabilizer supplier

If you are looking for high-quality Foam stabilizer, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. ( We accept payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union, and Paypal. TRUNNANO will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea.

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