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The influences of the mixture by water reducer and the situation of the aggregate

2023-10-10 12:12:07  Blog

What is Water Reducing?

From the late 197Os, the use of a new class of chemical admixture has increased substantially in various segments of the concrete industry. The admixture can be used to significantly increase the slump without adding more water or to greatly reduce water content without a loss in a slump. Properly categorized as a high-range water-reducing admixture (HRWRA), meeting requirements of ASTM C 494 Type F or G or ASTM C 1017 Type 1 or 2, this material is sometimes referred to as a “super water-reducer” or “superplasticizer.” As originally marketed in Germany and Japan in the late 196Os, these materials consisted primarily of sulfonated condensation products of naphthalene or melamine. Information on the properties and uses of HRWRAs was published during the period of their introduction into the U.S. market, roughly from 1974 to 1981. The literature included two ACI special publications based on proceedings of international symposia [SP-62 (1979), SP-68 (1981)], a Transportation Research Record (1979), and publications by the Portland Cement Association (1979), CANMET (1979), and the Cement and Concrete Association (1976). Recently published textbooks on concrete admixtures (Ramachandran & Malhotra, 1984; Rixom & Mailvaganam, 1986) also contain considerable information on HRWRAs.


The influences of the mixture by water reducer and the situation of the aggregate.

The test takes the concrete construction mixture ratio (C25W8F100) of the western water tunnel engineering of the JinpingII hydropower station as the basic ratio. The water-cement ratio is 0.42; the sand ratio is 40%; fly ash is 20%; and the ratio of little-middle rock is 60:40. The dosage of air-entraining agent based on the gas content is 3% ~ 5% of the control standard. Analysis of the effect on the slump, gas content, exudation rate, and setting time with two states of the water reducer are determined. The water consumption of the concrete with naphthalene-based water reducer is higher than 10 kg/m3 than polycarboxylate-based water reducer. Maintain the same workability based on the same water-cement ratio of concrete. There is an increasing trend in the dosages of the air-entraining agent in the concrete, which is mixed with polycarboxylate-based water reducers because of too much Defoamer in the water reducer. The flowability of concrete mixed with a polycarboxylate-based water reducer is better than naphthalene-based water reducer. The gas content loss rate of the concrete is higher during mixed 0~30mins with naphthalene-based water reducers. However, it tends to reduce after 55 minutes. The gas content loss rates of the concrete are lower when mixed with polycarboxylate-based water reducers rather than naphthalene-based water reducers except NOF-AS. The slump loss rates of the concrete within 30 minutes after mixing are better than those mixed by polycarboxylate-based, which are increased after mixing 60 minutes. Until 120 minutes after mixing, they are close to the naphthalene-based water reducers’ slump loss rates. The state of coarse aggregate air dried. Based on the engineering practice, analyze the adaptability of the concrete mixing and the water reducers when the coarse aggregate air dries. Adjusting the water according to the mixing content slump under the condition that the amount of the cementing material and admixture are consistent with the mixing design ratio. Make sure that the concrete strengths are all the same regardless of whether the coarse aggregate saturated surface is dried or air dried.


The influence of water reducer for the concrete mixture ratio with coarse aggregate air dried

Make sure that the coarse aggregate is air-dried. Take the sand ratio fixed at 40%. The amount of the cementing material and admixture is consistent with the coarse aggregate saturated surface dried, adjusting the water according to the workability only. Considering the coarse aggregate air-dried state with less water, the mixture ratios of the concrete are the same, no matter whether the coarse aggregate air-dried or saturated surface is dried. The gas loss of the concrete of the polycarboxylate-based water reducer is less than naphthalene-based water reducer’s. The same type of water reducer (NSR or PC) has the same concrete slump loss. The slump loss rate of the concrete by the polycarboxylate-based water reducer is better than the naphthalene-based water reducer within 30 minutes after mixing. However, after 60mins, it would increase and exceed the naphthalene-based water reducer. After 120 minutes, the slump loss rate will be the same for the NSR and PC concrete. There is a long distance in the JinpingII hydropower station tunnel, which causes damage to the concrete slump, and the gas loss is too large. According to the experimental data, it shows that the water reducers of JM-II(c), HLC-NAF, JM-PCA(I), and HLC-IX have good adaptability for engineering materials used in mixing systems. It is necessary to analyze the process of four types of later mixing water reducers. Determine the mixture ratios of JM-II(c), HLC-NAF, JM-PCA(I), and HLC-IX from Table 3 as basic proportions. Add the water reducer and air-entraining agent whose amount matches the basic proportion after the concrete is mixed after 60mins and 120mins. Then, analyze the workability of the concrete on three-time nodes (SO- The machine slump/mm, S- the slump increment/mm, G- gas content/ % ).


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